3 Ways to Boost Audience Development in 2015

It is amazing how fast technology changes and how it affects so many parts of the corporate world. The tactics used for audience development in 2014 may work in 2015, but there have been some changes over the past 12 months that you need to take into account. As you put together your marketing plan for the coming year, a few audience development tactics stand out as ones to use explore.

Remember Your Local Audiences

Any trade publisher looking to do audience development for a website with a local focus needs to remember to develop the local market. As the International News Media Association blog points out, the local markets are often neglected, which leaves revenue behind.

Even if your site is not specifically designed for a geographic region, you can still reach out to certain demographics with concentrated content. For example, if hurricane season is coming then you could start developing content that would be helpful to people near the Gulf Coast. With some focused audience development practices aimed at that audience, you can significantly increase traffic.

Maximize Your Analytics

Business2Community.com points out that Google and other analytics providers will play a much larger role for audience development in 2015. The analytical software being released can give out more significant details than it ever could in the past and those details can help you to drive more traffic.

In 2015, you should branch out from Google and try other analytical software to enhance your Google results. As with any other kind of software platform, there are things that Google is very good at and things that Google is not so good at. You need to fill in those gaps with some of the new analytical software titles that will be coming out in 2015.

Let Your Audience Be Heard

For a long time, user-generated content was considered a very bad idea for any website looking to enhance audience development. The stark truth is that people just cannot be trusted to generate reliable and useful content. But Contently.com says that 2015 is the year that user-generated content makes a big comeback.

It is important to remember that user-generated content has never fallen out of popularity with Internet users. It was the website owners that decided to pull the plug on user content to add more credibility to their websites. But the idea of creating a separate area of a website where users can submit content is starting to catch fire again and it could be one of the more significant audience development tactics used in 2015.

You had a good year in 2014, but you want a better year in 2015. If you want to drive more traffic to your site and develop a reliable audience, then you need to stay in touch with the latest marketing and audience development trends. Website owners all over the Internet will be looking for that edge they need to increase their traffic and there are plenty of interesting options to explore in 2015.

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