5 Ways This New Healthcare Tech Association Can Build a Big Online Audience

Give the audience what they want and they will come.

In August, 2014, the makers of medical practice software gained what online publication, Associations Now is calling a “unified voice and a new educational and accreditation resource” with the launching of the new Healthcare Tech Association. The association is hoping to develop more revenue by introducing a companion website. Taking some key steps in the development of this website could help to build a big online audience.

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Determine What Members are Looking for

Asking what members actually want in a website helps to ensure that their needs are met. By taking surveys or polls and then evaluating these responses, it is possible to tailor the website to meet its maximum potential. One way to get a better understanding of what members want in a website is to ask them what websites of a similar nature they like or already regularly visit. Using this information can make it possible to get a sense for what members expect in their organization.

Provide Interesting Content

Members will only come to the website if it provides content they want to see. In most cases this is either, 1) insight into something they have an interest in, or 2) it answers a question that they already have. The more in-depth and richer the content is, the more likely they are to make repeat visits to the site since they will feel it is a site they can trust. Avoid giving recaps of stories that have already had exposure on other healthcare websites. Instead, content on the website should provide a new concept or different perspective.

Give Good Content to All

One of the ways that associations typically raise revenue is by offering premium content to members. Providing good quality content or a small sneak peak to all, however, can give website visitors a taste of what association members have access to and could encourage visitors to join. As an example, allowing visitors to read a sample of premium content or view a past webinar for free while visiting the main page can help to instill a feeling of confidence in the website and make them want the “more” that they will get as paid members.

Promote the Benefits of Membership

As a companion website to the association, the website is not simply a tool for association members to use, but also a great promotional tool for promoting all of the benefits the association has to offer. Listing the benefits on the landing page along with links that visitors can click on to learn more provides solid reasons to join and works both as promotion and a great way to raise revenue.

Website Design Holds the Key

Although all of these ways will fundamentally help to build a bigger audience, none of it really matters if the website doesn’t have a great website design. To ensure that the design is up to par requires that pages are easy to navigate, free of clutter and pleasant to look at. As time goes by, it remains imperative that links are checked to ensure they are in working order and content is regularly updated to encourage future visitors to want to join.

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