How Your Niche Website Can Lure Visitors from Outside Your Field

If you’re like most of the owners with a niche website, getting new traffic is probably a challenge. This is especially true when your niche is of interest to only a small group of people. You may have thought about trying to lure visitors from outside your field to help increase your website’s traffic, but perhaps you’re unsure how to go about it. Fortunately, there are some things you can do that will help bring readers in and get your content shared in wider circles.

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Find the Niche That Falls within Your Own Niche

One of the simplest ways to lure readers to your website it to target readers that have an interest that is different than your niche and yet there is a common ground between them. As an example, if your blog is about rehabilitation after an injury, you could target readers who are interested in fitness and nutrition. If your website is about home healthcare you could target nursing blogs, and so on. Make a list of these niches that fall within your own niche. Once you have identified them, you can tailor your marketing and campaigns to draw those readers to your website.

Guest Blog on the Outskirts of Your Niche

One of the most common pieces of advice given by blogging gurus is to offer to guest blog to gain readers. These gurus also usually suggest that you guest blog on other websites that are within the same niche. Since you are interested in attracting readers who are outside of your niche, however, you should target blog owners that are on the outskirts of your niche, yet share a common interest that you can use to draw them in.

As an example, if your niche website is about taking care of the elderly, you could perhaps guest blog on a website that discusses senior living communities. Not only will this help draw readers to your website from outside your field, you won’t have as much competition for guest blogging as you would if you tried to pitch to a website that is in your same niche.

Use Recruitment Advertising

Depending on the niche and type of website you are running, you may find it beneficial to enlist a company that can assist you with posting optimization and social network integration. Companies such as PandoLogic offer these types of products. They not only can assist with drawing traffic to your website but can make suggestions that could improve your overall performance.

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