RealMatch Rebrands and Launches AI-Enabled Job Advertising Platform for Enterprise Recruiting

New Programmatic Platform Uses Prediction to Automate Job Advertising and Optimize Budgets

(New York, NY-February 28, 2018) RealMatch, a pioneer in programmatic recruitment advertising, announced today the company has rebranded as PandoLogic with the launch of pandoIQ, the most advanced programmatic job advertising solution for enterprise recruiting. pandoIQ fully-automates and optimizes the process of advertising jobs using algorithms built on advanced data science, machine-learning and artificial intelligence. The disruptive platform empowers employers to get the most from their recruitment spend using a single, data-driven solution that eliminates the manual processes, data silos, and inefficient spend common to managing job advertising across multiple job sites independently.

pandoIQ’s proprietary campaign algorithms utilize PandoLogic’s 10+ years of historical job performance data comprised of 199 billion data attributes to establish predictive-performance benchmarks that determine when, where and how each job is campaigned online. The pandoIQ algorithms then allocate budget and optimize campaign spend in real-time across all jobs during the campaigning period. Additionally, the platform gives employers full visibility into predicted performance, overall spend and individual job performance in real-time.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of the programmatic recruitment revolution by offering employers superior recruiting solutions that not only deliver performance, but also simplify the processes and offer the transparency and insights needed to make sound decisions to attract the best talent” said Jonathan Bulkeley, PandoLogic’s CEO. “And, we are equally excited about our new brand which embodies the company’s passion and ability to adapt and grow in the rapidly evolving recruitment market,” Bulkeley added.

About PandoLogic

PandoLogic enables employers to source quality applicants faster and more efficiently through the use of big data, artificial intelligence, and proprietary campaign algorithms that fully-automate and optimize the job advertising process. Since 2007, over 125,000 employers and more than 700 digital publishers have benefited from PandoLogic’s programmatic solutions resulting in over 5.4 billion programmatic job campaigns based on more than 199 billion historical job performance data points. To learn more visit

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