PandoExchange: Optimized Job Advertisement Distribution

The job distribution you need to find the candidates you want.

What is PandoExchange?

Image of a group of people looking at a laptop screen reviewing job distribution plans

PandoExchange is PandoLogic’s solution for recruitment agencies, job aggregators, and job boards to optimize their job ad distribution. PandoExchange gives you access to our exclusive network of sites so you can drive more candidate traffic to your job advertisements and for your job advertisers. How? Through our unique network of job search engines and sites: TheJobNetwork.

Image of a group of people looking at a laptop screen reviewing job distribution plans
Image of a person negotiating their job distribution options

Get to know TheJobNetwork

Image of a person negotiating their job distribution options

TheJobNetwork is PandoLogic’s own recruitment ad network. It reaches millions of active and passive job seekers monthly through the hundreds of job sites it powers for digital publishers, associations, and job boards. We guarantee you’ll achieve the most robust job distribution through PandoExchange and TheJobNetwork. That’s because TheJobNetwork has distribution agreements with more than five hundred niche job sites, paid job boards, job aggregators, job search engines, and social networks. With PandoExchange, all of these are at your disposal to amplify job ad campaigns and get your open roles in front of the right candidates.

How does it work?

When a job ad is posted on TheJobNetwork, that job is programmatically campaigned across relevant sites on the network and matched in real-time with TheJobNetwork’s vast resume database. This process ensures maximum reach and results for all your job ad distribution needs. With PandoExchange, complex job distribution is made simple. With our recruitment ad network, you no longer have to guess where candidates will be searching for jobs; we analyze historical and real-time data so that your job advertisement  is distributed where it needs to go at the right time.

One person couldn’t—and shouldn’t—have to keep up with all the different job search engines and job distribution sites available. That’s why PandoExchange does it for you.

What we have access to

  • 500+ national, local, niche, and diversity sites

What we can do for you

  • Expand your reach to different audiences, across local, national, and industry job search engines
  • Enhance your job ad distribution across social and diversity-focused platforms
  • Generate over 1.75 unique users each month

what we’ve done for others

  • Campaigned 3.5 million+ jobs across our unique network
  • Taken the guesswork out of job distribution

PandoLogic gives you more than just job ad distribution

PandoLogic is an all-in-one recruitment solution, complete with its own programmatic job advertising platform: pandoIQ. If PandoExchange is what connects you with the job aggregators and job search engines you want, pandoIQ is what puts you in front of the right people on the right sites—all automatically. pandoIQ uses proprietary AI-enabled algorithms to determine the best campaign strategy from the outset. And pandoIQ is the only programmatic platform that continuously reviews and optimizes job ad performance throughout the campaign to ensure you meet your hiring needs. With pandoIQ, you can:

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Automate smart bidding

Predictive analytics, big data, and proprietary algorithms make the best bids and budget allocations automatically. We crunch all the numbers, you watch all the qualified candidates roll in.

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Engage the right candidates

It’s no use getting your job in front of a lot of people if those people aren’t qualified. Ensure only quality candidates with high-precision targeting that reaches the right people on the right sites at the right time.

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Maximize ROI on spend

Eliminate wasteful spending and get more traffic for your dollar with AI-enabled real-time bidding and optimization.

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Drive quality traffic

It’s simple to adhere to the TAtech Code of Ethics when posting through our network—and you can rest assured that we only maintain the highest quality traffic standards.

Don’t just take our word for it

Combining all of PandoLogic’s powerful products gives you the tools you need to run your ideal job advertisementcampaign. From job distribution to job ad placement to real-time analytics, PandoLogic is with you during every step of the recruitment process. And you don’t just have to take our word for it—see how Domino’s Pizza used PandoLogic to drive the recruitment results they needed.

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