Streamline Candidate Management with pandoSELECT

pandoSELECT combines programmatic job advertising with a candidate management dashboard and conversational AI (chat) to streamline hiring processes, save time, and reduce strain on resources.

The candidate experience is more important than ever in today’s competitive job market, but ensuring a seamless experience for each candidate is no simple task.

With the sheer volume of applications received for open positions, proper candidate management and timely communication can be challenging for hiring teams to maintain. pandoSELECT can help you attract, qualify, manage, and engage your talent pipeline, expediting your time to hire and improving the candidate experience without any additions to your tech stack.

Engage Candidates from Application to Hire

pandoSELECT helps companies of all sizes manage their hiring processes. From large recruiting agencies, to franchises, to small businesses, we’re here for you at every step of the recruitment process. Our candidate management dashboard and conversational AI chat help you stay organized so that you can focus on choosing the best candidate for your business.

Boost ROI with A Robust Candidate Management System

Expand your recruitment reach and build your pool of qualified candidates with programmatic advertising

Automate the screening process by using Conversational AI to engage and qualify candidates

Streamline your recruitment efforts with an end-to-end candidate management dashboard

Icon of a computer screen with recruiting solutions insights

Save time and money by speeding up the screening process and reducing manual tasks for your hiring team

Automate Time-Consuming Recruitment Tasks

Discover a simple AI solution to attract, engage, screen, and manage your applicants with ease so you can focus on effectively running your business.

Streamline Your Applicant Tracking and Interview Scheduling Process

Avoid candidate ghosting with a hiring process that’s built to engage top talent and ensure clear communication, so that no one is left in the dark as to where they stand.

Engage Qualified Candidates with Automated Touch Points

Available 24/7, our dynamic AI chat automatically engages applicants to capture their qualifications and provide information about your company, keeping candidates engaged and bringing you one step closer to your next hire.

Manage a Larger Pool of Candidates with pandoIQ

This new solution leverages pandoIQ’s best-in-class programmatic job advertising to find more candidates with a better ROI—making every dollar count while funneling applicants into the pandoSELECT dashboard for easy review.

Speed up Franchise Recruitment with
One Solution that Simplifies Your Process

pandoSELECT is the ultimate solution for franchises looking to streamline their recruitment processes. Say goodbye to scattered documents, multiple system log-ins, and fragmented communication channels. With our intuitive software, franchises can now easily source, screen, and manage applicants, all while accelerating the recruitment timeline.

With centralized applicant information and streamlined communication, franchises can effortlessly collaborate and coordinate hiring efforts across their entire network. Whether you have two or two hundred locations, our solution ensures consistency, efficiency, and transparency in your franchise-wide recruitment endeavors.

Explore all the ways pandoSELECT can help you attract, engage, qualify, and manage the best talent.