Talent Delivered: Improving Candidate Engagement with pandoSELECT

candidate engagement in an interview

Recruiting talent has always been a struggle. Too many hiring teams are understaffed, overworked, and lack the time for complicated sourcing tools. Add in the competitive hiring landscape and talent teams not only want – but need – better solutions to manage applicant targeting, budget optimization, candidate qualification, and candidate engagement. PandoLogic’s latest innovation, pandoSELECT, […]

Why Candidates Ghost Employers and How to Prevent It

Frustrated recruiter after getting ghosted by a candidate

For industries in nearly every market, the balance of power between candidate and recruiter is changing. Applicants have more power now than they ever have, and as a result, many don’t reply to employers who reach out.  Any seasoned HR veteran could tell you that a certain amount of no-shows are expected at every stage […]

Under the Hood: Demystifying PandoLogic’s AI Chatbot

coding an AI chatbot

By Keisuke Inoue Last month, I documented my experience “dogfooding” our AI chatbot, Wendy, to help us find a great Natural Language Processing (NLP) Data Scientist. I outlined a general understanding of how Wendy works but this time around, I’d like to get under the hood and deep dive into the things that make Wendy […]