Circulation Revenue Surpasses Advertising for First Time

Circulation Revenue Surpasses Advertising for First Time

According to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, the amount of revenue generated by circulation dollars was greater than the amount of revenue generated by advertising in 2014. This small piece of information holds some monumental implications for companies that engage in digital media and print media. What Does This Mean? The news […]

4 Ways to Offset Declining Newspaper Revenue


It’s no surprise to anyone that traditional newspapers are seeing a decline in revenue. People are becoming more online savvy and looking to new media, including social media, for information and analysis. However, all is not lost for old school media outlets. Although newspapers are still seeing a decline in revenue, it’s not as significant […]

Why Digital Subscriptions are Key to Your Circulation and Bottom Line

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With circulation numbers wildly unpredictable, one surprising trend seems to have emerged in 2012 — circulation increased, and more people got their news via digital subscriptions than in previous years. Paywalls, the catchall term for digital subscriptions, come in different forms. Some newspapers bolt the door on all content without a subscription. Others offer some […]