How to Create a Data-Driven Recruitment Strategy

Using a data driven recruitment strategy can be critical to hiring the right people for your business, but what exactly is it, and how do we create one? With so much data available, we need to know what data is important, and how to weed out what isn’t. We’ve researched best practices to share top […]

The Steps to Creating a Data Driven HR Talent Acquisition Team

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The moment of matching a perfect candidate to an open position can be very rewarding, like fitting two puzzle pieces together. It is task-oriented and goal-centric. But, while that final goal is obvious, and while your talent acquisition team may already contain dedicated individuals passionate about what they do, there are a lot of markers […]

Data-Driven Recruitment Buzzwords [Infographic]


With the arrival of data-driven recruitment has come a swarm of new industry buzzwords: programmatic, algorithms and AI software to name a few. To help you stay on top of the latest and greatest in online recruiting, we have rounded up the 11 most important buzzwords that you need to know in 2018 and beyond. […]

Top 11 Buzzwords in Data-Driven Recruitment You Need To Know

Top 11 Data-Driven Recruitment Buzzwords You Must Know

Gone are the days of recruiters just posting and praying. Data-driven recruitment powered by performance-based products and services has arrived, bringing an onslaught of new industry buzzwords: programmatic, machine learning, and A.I. to name just a few. Sure, they all sound impressive but what do they mean to the recruitment industry? Every recruiter needs to […]