Seven Soft Skills All Hiring Managers Need

soft skills all hiring managers need

For most jobs, whether you’re hiring a marketing director or a software engineer, the experience and skills specifically necessary for a position are categorized as “hard skills”—while it is the additional “soft skills” a candidate possesses that often make them stand out in an interview and have lasting success at an organization. For hiring managers, […]

Understanding the Risks and Rewards of AI Recruiting


While many tools available to recruiters are touted as AI, not all fit the bill. As a hiring or HR decision-maker, it’s essential that you understand the features, as well as the risks and rewards of any automated recruiting tools you choose to deploy. As with anything, you’ll need to maintain a certain amount of […]

Should You Ditch the Annual Performance Review?


Most companies have a point during the year in which they formally appraise their employees’ performance and provide feedback to each one. Commonly known as “performance review season,” this can often be a stressful time for workers and tensions can arise between teams and managers. It feels weird to be judged, to have a year’s […]

How Managers Can Embrace Automation in HR

hr automation

Are you ready for programmatic? In a recent Paycor survey conducted by Harris Poll, hiring managers said they believe technology will shift toward automation in a big way by 2022. And it’s already happening. Recruiters agree; they’re embracing automation, and they’re confident that it will help them work more efficiently. The rise of automated processes […]

7 Innovative Ways To Get A Gold Medal For Your Employer Brand

hr pros

A strong personal brand is a fundamental component of your success not only as an employer, but also as a hiring manager. And on a larger scale, your employer brand is often synonymous with your company brand. So it’s important to make sure that you are doing all that you can to enhance your brand […]