4 Ways to Streamline Your Interview Process

streamline interview process

The interview process can be time-consuming and expensive. After all, top talent is hard to come by. The job market is more competitive than ever, which means that employers need to find ways to streamline their interview process to attract the best candidates and keep them interested. With a little planning, you can streamline your […]

5 Things You Should Know About Employee Engagement In The Healthcare Industry


In most industries, when employees are not engaged, they may be less efficient at work, more likely to leave a position, and have overall job dissatisfaction. But in the healthcare industry in particular, employee engagement can be the difference between life and death. In this field, where turnover is high and recruitment is competitive, retention […]

Seven Soft Skills All Hiring Managers Need

soft skills all hiring managers need

For most jobs, whether you’re hiring a marketing director or a software engineer, the experience and skills specifically necessary for a position are categorized as “hard skills”—while it is the additional “soft skills” a candidate possesses that often make them stand out in an interview and have lasting success at an organization. For hiring managers, […]

Don’t Make These Recruiting Mistakes!


The recruiter acts as a liaison for organizations and prospective candidates—part matchmaker, part sleuth. As the first face that may greet your next hire, a recruiter should be well-versed in your brand, your corporate culture, and your organization’s needs. This integral role can help you grow your organization as you hire new talent. But there […]