Top 4 Interviewing Red Flags for Employers


Interviewing candidates for a position in your company can be fun, it can be a nightmare, or it could be just plain boring. Unfortunately, when it becomes boring, it can be easy to miss some serious red flags that the candidate is displaying. When this happens, you may end up hiring someone who is not […]

Why Google’s Hiring Practices are Ahead of the Curve


Google is a name synonymous with innovation. From its search engine and advertising to its phones and online apps, the brand is one that seems to be forever forward-thinking, and this is apparent in its hiring strategies as well. Google candidates come from far and wide to try to become a part of the company, […]

How Personal Should Employers Get with Their Candidates?


The old saying “looks aren’t everything” means that a person’s personality traits are also important. While employers aren’t allowed to discriminate against candidates based on looks (even though some do,) many are now adding personality to the list of qualities that a candidate must possess in order to get hired. The thinking behind this trend […]

How You Can Really Pull Off a Preparation-Free Interview


In most cases, preparation before an interview is a must, both for the interviewer and the interviewee. On one side of the table, preparation shows that the interviewee has done his or her research about the company, showing that he or she is truly interested in the company and not just a job. On the […]