In-Person Interview vs. Video Interview: Which is Best?

Hiring manager conducting a video interview

The internet has provided interesting alternatives to traditional interviewing — but do they really compete? One of the more effective methods that gained popularity during the pandemic is the video interview. By getting on a conference call or using a custom engagement portal, companies were able to find top talent without having to risk exposing […]

6 Great Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

Bad interview questions are making the rounds of hiring manager “don’ts” these days, but what about working toward better questions that help you learn more? The interview should be a means for gaining insight into job candidates, not just a process of going through the motions. Knowing what the best interview questions to ask candidates […]

6 Great Interview Questions Employers Should Ask


The average interview last 40 minutes, according to a Forbes article. Do you really want to spend that time on useless, trivial or misleading information? Here are six great interview questions to keep in your holster for your next interview. 1. If you could restart your career knowing now what you didn’t know then, would […]

How to Help Mold the Job Skills of Millennials


Millennials have been entering the workforce for a while now, but employers are often still at a loss as to how to bridge skill gaps. This younger generation of workers comes with a variety of expectations, and this can pose a challenge to older employers who are used to doing things a certain way. To […]

How Attitudes are Changing on Hiring Ex-Felons


It can be difficult to find a job in a down economy, but that challenge is compounded when you have a criminal record. According to an article published by WSET-TV of Danville, Virginia, people with criminal records are much less likely to go back to prison if they can find steady work. But the problem […]

How to Keep Bias Out of Your Interviews


It’s human nature to have biases, but allowing these biases to factor into the interviewing process can hurt your company’s chances of attracting and hiring the best candidates. For example, you may not like males who have pierced ears (and of course, depending upon the workplace setting, pierced ears may be inappropriate.) However, if you […]