What People Want in Their Job Search Engines


As the economy continues to slowly improve, there’s no doubt that both employers and job seekers are going to be increasing their activity online, and now is a great time to start getting your job board optimized for people in both of these categories. In order to do this effectively, however, you need to first […]

Expert Interview with Frances Cole Jones on Job Searching and Interviews

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Frances Cole Jones started her career as an editor, working with authors to better interpret ideas. She rapidly realized, though, that those skills could be applied to candidates and interviews, and has since become one of the premier career experts, offering advice on TV, books and on her website. She spoke with us about interviewing […]

3 Common Traits the Best Job Search Engines Share

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Running a job board in today’s ever-competitive digital world means paying attention to what successful job boards and job search sites are doing. Failing to keep up with changes and improvements could spell certain death for your own job board as employers, recruiters, advertisers, and job seekers will be more likely to go to your […]

Expert Interview with Jacco Valkenburg on Social Recruiting


Whether it’s a business hoping to track down more qualified job candidates or job seekers wanting to get on the inside track with a coveted position, employer branding and recruitment consultant Jacco Valkenburg recommends harnessing the power of social media.“Instead of relying on selecting from the best possible applicants, organizations can use social media to […]