Local News Still Has Plenty of Clout, as Oregon Governor’s Scandal Shows

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One of the predictions made many years ago was that regional and national media outlets will eventually make local reporting unnecessary as the Internet expands its reach. However, we find that the truth is the exact opposite as local news outlets are holding public figures accountable and getting results. Local newspapers that offer an interactive […]

Today’s Topsy-Turvy World of News isn’t as Different as You Might Think


When newspapers dominated the media market, it seemed as though the industry was more orderly than it is today. People interested in current events picked up a newspaper from the local newsstand or had the daily paper delivered to their front door. That was how news was commonly disseminated. It’s the Information Age now, and […]

Local Broadcasting’s Ace in the Hole: The Local News

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Local broadcasters are uncovering some challenges in our nation’s capital. That’s because the FCC, on a party line vote, restricted the ability of television stations to share advertising in the same market. The FCC has also set aside larger portions of the broadcast spectrum for wireless carriers. However, that does not mean that local broadcasting […]