Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

Do you want to see a dramatic improvement in all of your marketing and advertising efforts? Channel more of your ad budget into newspapers. That’s right, the same print news that has been the subject of many untimely death predictions is now being shown to boost ad revenue overall and improve the performance of other […]

Is Consolidation the Future for Newspapers?

Advertising in Newspapers Boosts Ad Campaign Effectiveness, Study Shows

According to, there has been a rash of local newspapers that have been consolidated under one company for the past couple of years. The Tribune Publishing Company recently purchased 38 daily and weekly local papers to add to its growing roster, while American Consolidated Media sold off the last of its local papers last […]

‘Over-the-Top’ Content: Could It Be a Key to Future Success for Local Newspapers?

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According to, newspapers and video content creators are now in direct competition, which makes for an interesting publishing landscape. Video has suddenly become very important to news publishers as users demand more video content. But simply posting a video to YouTube is not enough anymore. Many rural and smaller newspapers are going Over-The-Top and […]

Newspaper Content Suffers as Newsroom Layoffs Rise


In June 2015, the Wall Street Journal laid-off 30 newsroom workers and contributed to a trend that has been growing for some time. According to, newsroom employment in the United States has fallen from 56,400 employees in 2001, down to 32,900 in 2014. That is a 41 percent drop in the number of editors […]

Our Favorites for June

If you are not already subscribed to Recruitment ADvisor, make sure you subscribe now so you do not miss any key articles that can help you improve your job board and recruitment advertising strategies. Here is a second look at some of our favorite recent articles. 5 Job Board Trends in 2015 – If you […]

Newspapers Threatened by Cuts to Rural Mail Service

Newspapers Threatened by Cuts to Rural Mail Service

In the rural areas of the United States where Internet and cellular phone signals are almost non-existent, the people get their news through printed newspapers. There has been a large contingency of community newspapers that have grown up around the need to service this large rural population. But as time goes by, the United States […]

Crawfordsville, Ind.: Home to Two Daily Newspapers

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According to the Al-Jazeera news website, the number of daily newspapers in operation throughout the country between 1990 and 2014 has dropped by around 300. Between 2012 and 2013, nearly 1,300 full-time newspaper journalists lost their jobs and those jobs were never refilled. Big cities like New Orleans, LA and Oakland, CA have lost their […]

Tribune Publishing Looking to Buy More Newspapers

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In August 2014, the Tribune Company spun-off the Tribune Publishing Company and the spin-off went right to work buying up smaller newspapers around the country. For a while, there was speculation that Tribune Publishing would actually sell off newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times to pay some of the $350 […]

4 Ways to Generate More Revenue from Employment Advertising


The local newspaper’s lock on the local employment market has been shaken by an onslaught of online employment boards and national employment websites that claim to offer better employment services. The truth is, with help from experts like RealMatch, your local newspaper can use its companion websites to generate new revenue from employment advertising and […]

Local Newspapers Digging in Their Digital Heels


This past October, America celebrated the 74th annual National Newspaper Week. In an environment where publishing is changing dramatically and newspapers are seeking to redefine their role in the bigger communications landscape, it’s important to acknowledge that local and regional newspapers continue to play a critical role in local communities around the nation. The traditional […]

The Little Newspapers that Could: Small, Digital Papers Turn a Profit

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There is still room for success in digital news. Small, local online sites are actually seeing growth in this challenging environment. Survey Says… A recent survey of online local news sites shows that 62% of publishers saw an increase in year-over-year revenues in 2013. Less than a quarter (23%) reported no change and only 15% […]