How the Pursuit of Web Traffic can Damage Your Brand


Traffic is important, and not just to local cops who are checking for speeders. Specifically, Internet traffic is important, and many online business owners have taken hold of this fact in order to become successful. Since the very start of e-commerce, company owners, site administrators, IT specialists, SEO professionals, and others who are involved in […]

4 Ways to Monetize Your New Site


If you’ve just launched a website for your trade association, it’s a great time to be excited. It can mean new avenues for engagement and income streams for your trade organization. But monetizing your website isn’t always the easiest or most organic thing that you’ve tried to do. Instead, it helps to have a strategy […]

Should You Pay for Promotion on Facebook?


Paying for traffic to a website or other online destination is a practice that was borne out of a number of online marketing tactics that have been around as long as the Internet, including SEO and paid search results. With the proliferation of social media, more and more companies then began to see the value […]

Infographic: How to Monetize Your Website

Follow the infographic below to find the best way to monetize your website. Whether you’re a trade publisher, newspaper, job board, broadcaster, or an online media site – there are several options for you. Depending on your audience type and size, along with your current advertising set-up, one of these 5 options could work for […]