Monetizing Content for Newspapers, and How You Can Make it Better


Some news organizations are seeing year-over-year incremental growth in revenue. However, most of them are seeing declines. Digital Advertising There are two metrics that are of particular concern to media companies, the first of which is digital ad revenue. For most of the newspaper industry, that number grows, but by less each year. Consider the […]

5 Reasons Why the Upfront Isn’t the Best Measure for Monetizing Content


”Upfront” is a meeting that occurs before the start of major television ad sales periods. It gets plenty of press, and major advertisers pay attention because the main purpose of Upfront is to sell TV commercial time before new television series begin. Upfront usually takes place at the end of May, when networks announce their […]

How to Monetize Your Holiday Content

There are a few times throughout the year when your audience focuses on similar things. Back to School affects households with kids, as does summer vacation. But the holiday season finds people from coast to coast all working toward the same goal: celebrating with friends and family. Monetizing content is both the same and different […]