Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Onboarding

new employee being onboarded

Onboarding is a key part of the hiring process — but in their haste, some companies overlook the process — or drop it completely. By doing so, they’re not only crippling their new employee’s productivity but are fostering a negative work environment. This can have serious consequences for the employer, such as an increase in […]

Best Practices for Onboarding Healthcare Talent


So much of your organization’s focus is on finding and recruiting the best healthcare talent in a crowded field. Once you’ve hired a great new team member, it can feel like the hard part is over. But you shouldn’t coast on your status quo onboarding procedures, and here’s why: 15% of new hires leave within […]

4 Simple Strategies For Effective Onboarding [Checklist]


Did you know that approximately 3 million Americans quit their jobs each month? And that doesn’t even include the number of layoffs, firings, or other involuntary terminations. Many workers leave jobs soon after starting. While some may leave for better pay or for other personal reasons, recruiters and hiring managers in the know understand that […]