What’s Next When Your Mobile Readership Surges?


As a newspaper that’s moving in the 21st century, a spike in your mobile readership is probably one of your top goals. When your readers start to consult your content while on the go, whether from mobile phones or tablets, your brand has recognized a major achievement and reached a significant brand milestone. But a […]

Why the World’s Richest Men Invest in Newspapers

warren buffett invested in newspapers

In the midst of the financial chaos that occurred in 2009, billionaire Carlos Slim loaned the owners of the New York Times $250 million. The Times had its financial back up against a wall as its credit line was about to expire and the company needed to solidify its cash position. But the amazing part […]

4 Carrots to Entice Your Print Readers to Go Online

Increasing percentages of populations around the world get their news online rather than from print publications, according to a study of over 10,000 people by Oxford University. And while most people think of younger adults and digital natives as the ones consuming their news online (which they do), older adults increasingly going digital as well. […]