Reader Engagement: Are You Getting the Most Out of Twitter?


There’s no doubt that Twitter is one of the most powerful social media tools available to business owners and publishers who are seeking to increase reader engagement, but if you aren’t using Twitter to the fullest of its abilities, you’re simply wasting your time and your followers’ time. SEE ALSO: How Twitter Can Boost Job […]

What Questions Work Best for Reader Engagement?

social media questions

One of the biggest challenges of writing online is enticing readers to click the link and read the content. Questions are a powerful incentive to get people reading, but you need to ask a question they want to know the answer to, and ask it in the right way. Like, for example, our title above. […]

How Local Sports Can Work Wonders for Reader Engagement

Local Sports

What’s the first thing that a lot of folks turn to in a newspaper? The sports section, of course. The digital age has thrown in a monkey wrench for printed media, but like almost every other dilemma, there is a solution. Community newspapers need a community focus. That’s never been more true than now, when […]