3 Reasons ‘Professional’ Readers Prefer Print Over Digital


Digital publications allow readers to access whatever content they want whenever they want it on any Web-enabled device. You’d think this would mean the demise of print media, but you’d be wrong. A recent piece in Folio reports a distinct preference for print format among young “professional” readers (that is to say, readers of trade, […]

Is Your Website Changing with Your Readers?


If the only constant in life is change, then you can expect your prospects’ and customers’ habits, preferences wants, and needs to evolve on a regular basis. The question is, can your publication’s website change as your online readership changes? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Here are some important technological and strategic advances that help […]

The Art of the Headline: 3 Tips for Headlines That Get Attention

Writing a great headline isn’t the same job as it once was. In some ways, it’s as important, if not more important, than the story itself. Headlines are what help readers find your words online. Without the right elements within the headline, both the headline and article are doomed to be lost and buried under […]