How to Decrease Cost and Time to Hire Using AI

Decreasing Cost and Time To Hire with AI The old-fashioned hiring approach of manually sorting through cover letters and resumes, and then conducting in-person interviews is fading away. Businesses are shifting to a new AI-centric era of hiring that is cheaper and faster.  Learn About Next-Level Talent Acquisition: How AI Recruiting is Revolutionizing Hiring Instead […]

The Path to Improving your Time to Hire KPI


There are a ton of factors that affects your hiring and hiring speed. While you can’t change the location of your latest job vacancy or control external factors that affect the overall hiring market, you can improve the efficiency and speed with which your talent acquisition team finds and hires the right candidates. The key […]

What is the Average Time to Hire by Industry? 

time to hire

The measurement of “time to hire,” which varies by industry, organization, and location, registers the time between the moment a candidate is first engaged for an open position to the moment they accept an offer. Time to hire is often conflated with “time to fill,” the length of time a vacancy sits open, and can […]