4 Apps to Add to Your Recruitment Tools List

Programmatic recruitment advertising is the process of automating the decision-making of where job ads are displayed as well as how much you need to bid to target specific audiences, demographics, and sites. It eliminates the time, cost, and hassle of posting multiple jobs across tons of sites.

In addition to your programmatic solution, check out the following apps to help you show off your unique employer brand when creating job descriptions and engaging with candidates:


If you want to get creative with your job ads, then this is for you. It basically allows you to create Instagram-like pictures, into which you could insert whatever text you want. You could show off your swanky office, happy employees, and your amazing premises. Add a few words of text to really entice candidates. You can also embed your company’s URL into the image, which could potentially result in higher clicks.

Much like Instagram, this app leverages the power of images to attract your candidates.


Touted as the Snapchat of the recruiting world, this app targets Gen Z job seekers. Employers and candidates upload 30-second videos of themselves, replacing the traditional profile and picture.

Primarily targeted towards industries with high turnover rates, like retail, hospitality and food/beverage, it could be a boon for less-experienced candidates with lots of potential.


This app attempts to make the interviewing experience better and more interesting for recruiters and candidates. Ahead of the interview, candidates receive a set of questions via the interactive app. The app then uses candidate responses to create a discussion guide that the interviewer can refer to make the conversation more focused and meaningful.

Recruiters can select questions based on the type of position they are hiring for, thus making it more informative and relevant.

Interview Assistant

This interviewing app helps interviewers prepare for and structure the interview. It has a large database of pre-set interview questions for you to choose from and also lets you input any number of questions depending on the job role.

It allows you to track multiple interviews, and review and rate your candidates post-interview. It also stores your interview questions in a template for future use. This app is available only for iOS.

While there are a lot of mobile apps available in the market to suit every kind of need, depending on the type of job, company size, industry or location, this article lists those that have been under the radar and are slowly gaining popularity.

Popular applications like WhatsApp, LinkedIn Recruiter, and Facebook, with their large user base, continue to dominate this space.

With an increasing number of candidates conducting their job search on-the-go, staying on top of this growing trend is beneficial for your organization to maintain a competitive edge.

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