The Truth About Programmatic: Five Reasons You Need It

Experts predict by 2020 over 80% of all recruitment advertising will be based on programmatic campaigns. Programmatic recruitment advertising is the process of automating the decision-making of where job ads are displayed as well as how much you need to bid to target specific audiences, demographics, and sites. It’s a recruiter’s best friend – saving time and money while streamlining specific processes. Because who wants to track and analyze how every job performs on every site in another spreadsheet? And who has the time to examine, compare, and interpret those results manually?

Here are five reasons you need programmatic recruitment advertising today:

Job distribution to all sites

Gone are the days of manually distributing job ads to multiple platforms. Programmatic technology will take a single job listing and spread it across the Internet, reaching both active and passive job seekers. This automation includes local, diversity, niche job sites, job aggregators, job search engines and social networks. You’ll have the ability to reach all of these platforms with just a few clicks.

Dynamic control of job visibility

Say you have the wrong bid on an aggregator site. What happens? Your job does not get sponsored, and it shows up only in an organic job inventory. It doesn’t get seen by many candidates and delivers next to no performance. How often will you need to submit a new price and how much will you need to spend to ensure you get performance? Now your job is a lot more complicated.

Programmatic recruitment helps you avoid all that using real-time bidding (RTB) to automatically calculate the best cost-per-click (CPC) rate at the job and site level (more on this later). This technology helps produce more qualified candidates in less time without overspending on what you don’t need, helping you get it done the first time around.

Ability to target a specific audience

Programmatic recruitment’s job ad targeting technology ensures your listing is only posted on relevant sites, so only the right job seekers apply. While you certainly can target all job boards and candidates, sometimes you need a more focused approach. Programmatic takes into consideration candidate demographics and geographic location before showing anyone a job listing. Looking for candidates in a specific field of work? Programmatic can target whatever and whomever you’re looking for in real-time. This technology even has behavioral targeting depicting the level of engagement and candidate qualification. All you have to do is set the parameters and let programmatic work its magic.

Accurate prediction of results as compared to the market

Every aspect of your job ad campaign is monitored in real-time with programmatic recruitment. It measures actual performance against predictive-benchmarks to determine if the campaign is on track or needs adjustment. If actual performance is not on track, programmatic’s algorithms will automatically make the necessary changes such as where the job is promoted, CPC bid rates, and even available budget per job. Taking into account the competitive nature of the position, such as how the job posting competes with other listings and the supply and demand of candidates for that job opening programmatic considers all of that information to optimize performance.

Transparency on spend and performance of each listing

Imagine if you could stop paying for clicks and focus your spend targeting and attracting the most qualified applicants. The most effective programmatic job advertising platforms use predictive data and intelligent algorithms to manage your spend per job and per site automatically-across all your open positions to get the best ROI. To determine how your budget is divided across your jobs, these platforms use predictive data to determine how hard to fill each role may be, and how much of the budget will be required to get the desired number of applicants. Not only does this focus your budget on jobs that need it most, but it also helps prevent positions that are easy to fill and get lots of clicks from eating up all the budget.

Even though programmatic recruitment automates and optimizes the entire job ad process, it doesn’t leave you out of the loop in regards to how each job is performing and how much you’re spending on your campaign.

These are some of the basic principles that programmatic recruitment considers and implements when looking at your job listings. No matter the industry, no matter the job type – automation will improve the quality of your hire and the quality of your work giving you more time to concentrate on more substantial tasks.

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