5 Recruiting Blogs You Need To Read

5 Recruiting Blogs You Must Read

Recruiting is a constantly changing and evolving industry. Depending on the size and structure of a company, a recruiter needs to meet the needs of current employees, C-Suite, potential hires, IT, marketing, and many more stakeholders. As the often mis-cited saying goes, ”your company is only as good as your best employees”, and most of the time it falls to the HR department and the talent acquisition folks to get those ”best employees”. To keep track of all the changes in the industry and find out best practices, here are 5 of my favorite must-read recruiting blogs on the internet.

1. ERE Recruiting Intelligence: If you are in the recruitment industry, then you already know about ERE Media. The ERE Recruiting Intelligence blog is one of the best and most insightful resources on the web for creatively thinking about talent sourcing and the issues facing the industry as a whole. Time and time again, this blog comes up when searching just about anything related to recruiting. It seems like they have more or less covered just about every topic in the industry. Speaking of which, if you are interested or planning on going to the ERE Recruiting Conference, save 20% with the Recruitment ADvisor discount code ‘ERE16RM20‘.

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2. HR Bartender: Created by Sharlyn Lauby as a place for HR people just to talk about issues in the industry, this site covers a lot more than just recruiting. But, one thing I love about it is the true expertise in Sharlyn’s voice. The problem with so many blogs out there is that it is not too clear how these so-called experts became experts. In this blog, the comfort with which the content is delivered is nearly unparalleled. The accessibility to the content means that you can be a twenty year veteran of the industry or just someone considering getting into HR and nearly every blog post will make sense and be useful to you. This universal accessibility is truly rare.

3. Blogging4Jobs: This blog, created by Jessica Miller-Merrell, is a powerhouse for creative, out of the box thinking. One of the things I like most about it is how timely it tends to be. For example, one recent article, ‘#OscarsSoWhite Should Have You Looking to Your Own House’ connects something we have all heard about in the media, but probably did not reflect or connect it to our own employers. Another aspect I really like about this blog is the breadth of issues it covers. It is rarely over technical, which can be a welcomed change, and in one skim or reading, you can learn about veterans’ recruitment strategies, millennial job hopping, or diversity in the recruitment space.

4. SHRM Blog: To a large extent, leaving this blog off the list would be criminal. The Society for Human Resource Management is the standard-bearer association in the recruiting and HR industry. If you want to have a look at larger trends across the industry, this is the go-to site. Unlike some of the other blogs referenced here, this site will rarely give you ‘how-to’ pieces and more often give you ‘think’ pieces. While this style can feel irrelevant to you at times, many of the articles are excellent pieces to reflect upon and consider how the issues raised in the article might already have manifested themselves in your organization. And while there tends to be less on recruiting in this blog, the issues it addresses are so universal that recruiters have to be familiar with these issues if they are really going to build a connection with employers and job seekers.

5. Recruitment ADvisor: How could we not include our own? But if you are looking for true thought leadership on Pay-Per-Applicant models, technology’s impact on recruiting, or even something more specific like how diversity affects hiring, the blog you are reading is a great resource. We also send out a monthly newsletter with top articles and other great content. Even better, if you need to take the next step to find top qualified applicants, this blog’s parent company, RealMatch, can help you do just that. Find out more from our team and request a live demo now.

Have any other blogs that you love to read that should be on my next must-read list? Let me know in the comments below!


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