7 Recruitment Trends That Rule 2016

When it comes to exploring the significance of recruitment process in any organization then this aspect becomes more obvious that it is definitely considered as the backbone for every organization. However, there are many organizations working in the professional environment and still these workplaces do not give due respect or appropriate importance to this process. As a result, these organizations do not acquire the best talent and eventually are not able to achieve the required deliverables in the end.

In order to make right decisions at the right time being a sensible recruiter you are supposed to understand the dynamics and other variables of the industry in an appropriate direction. Therefore, it is better to realize the impacts and consequences of these 7 worldwide recruitment trends that can transform the overall structure and approaches of organizations to a certain extent. With the help of these crucial recruitment trends, you will be able to move your organization in the desired track and at the same time you will develop your organization as a strategic business partner in the future too.

These 7 influential recruitment trends are described as follows:

1. Quality of Hire is the most valuable tool that will be used on a large scale

This trend will surely change the whole scenario of recruitment and selection in different firms which are working all around the globe. The importance of quality and suitable hiring is increasing and it will enhance at a rapid pace in this current year 2016. On the other hand, this trend will also be followed in the next year which is 2017 because quality of hire has turned out to be most productive metric in recent times.

2. Employee Referral Programs will become more significant

As far as the impacts of this highly crucial recruitment trend are concerned, there is no point in denying this aspect that employee referral programs will play a key role in the process of selection. In reality, employee referral programs do help human resource managers and recruiters in hiring the best talent because they actually contact and discuss the upcoming job opportunities with their existing staff. Therefore, they are able to find suitable candidates for different jobs and in this manner the cost of recruitment decreases to a definite degree.

You must try and carry on this trend in your organization if you want to perform the task of recruitment and selection in the affirmative or positive way.

3. Employee Retention will be the key

Organizations in this present era understand the value of productive and inspiring performers to a reasonable level. Thus, companies are also focusing on recruiting right persons for the right jobs and in this manner they will be able to retain employees for longer period of time. As a result, there is the likelihood that organizations will surely outperform other organizations as they will focus on retaining productive employees in the long run. On the other hand, organizations those are not keeping the right talents for longer period of time will find it difficult to survive in this contemporary competitive environment.

4. Huge investments will be made in the area of employer branding

This is rightly perceived as an era of advancement and online marketing and because of this reason organizations are investing much more in enhancing their brand names on different social media and other professional platforms. This is a kind of strategy that can provide numerous unexpected benefits and perks to organizations in the long run. Therefore, employer branding tactic will play its clear and critical role in the success of recruitment process for many organizations in the year 2016.

5. Diversity will also be preferred

In this year 2016, organizations have certainly changed their perception to a considerable level as they are concentrating on hiring people who belong to different cast, color and origin. In this way, they will definitely come up with the expectations and challenges of talent acquisition in the right and desired approach.

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6. Technology is the current and future trend in recruitment

The hiring or selection process in the prevailing and upcoming scenario will take further step as all kinds of jobs are being posted on companies’ websites online. In this situation both organizations and potential employees need to be fair and realistic because this trend is gaining so much momentum as organizations are building communities in order to develop long term relationships with their employees. Thus, organizations are using online blog sections and forums to identify best talent in an attractive and simple manner. This tactic is actually rewarding organizations with so many advantages in reality.

Furthermore, more and more recruiters are using technology to make their jobs more efficient, allowing them the time to focus more on what matters. This technology allows recruiters to bypass reviewing underqualified resumes through a matching algorithm. The same algorithm also provides qualified matches, which most recruiters focus on when it comes to following up for an interview. This is different than keyword or search based sourcing that some recruiters use through their ATS, because the matching algorithm utilizes more than just keywords. The technology amalgamates data from job descriptions, titles, candidate history, and more for its recommendation engine.

7. Candidate Experience will dominate the selection process

The process of selection has become much more diversified and at the same time dynamic therefore, employers are analyzing the candidates’ experiences to a large extent. As far as the importance of this exposure in the domain of recruitment is concerned, organizations are planning to make their initial hiring and application procedures simple yet effective. This is due to the reason that they want to build a soft image in the minds of the potential employees and applicants in a decent manner.

This experience is quite different as compared to the conventional job experiences of applicants therefore recruiters should keep this distinction in their minds.

About the Author:

Skornia Alison is herself an experienced and well accomplished recruiter having years of experience in the field of human resources. Currently she is associated with creative writing organization essay writing help in the capacity of senior human resource manager.

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