The Healthcare Recruiter’s Guide to AI Recruitment

One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today is widespread talent gaps and shortages. A study conducted by the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Center for Workforce Studies has cited that there will be 45,000 fewer primary care physicians and 46,000 fewer surgeons and medical specialists in the next decade. This means that healthcare organizations will have to be more competitive in the talent marketplace. So the sooner you incorporate AI in your recruiting, the more competitive you will be.

What is AI for Recruiting?

Healthcare organizations that embrace Artificial Intelligence in their recruitment will have a distinct competitive advantage in finding the best talent. Learn more about AI here:

What Does AI Mean for Healthcare?

Because AI requires copious amounts of data, you’re likely to see the most immediate benefit with its adoption in your key performance indicators like time to hire and cost per hire.

Time to Hire

The average time to fill for a physician is 14 months. As competition increases in the talent marketplace, this time to fill is expected to increase. AI helps healthcare recruiters automate and streamline time-consuming tasks. Learn more here:

Improving Quality of Hire

Over the next 10 years, about 1 million nurses are projected to retire in the United States. In addition to this, according to iCIMS, 23.8% of new hire RNs leave within their first year—this means that competition for top nursing talent will be fierce. AI can help you by targeting the right candidates, at the right time. Learn more here:

Reducing Hiring Bias

The data collected and reported by AI recruiting software doesn’t just improve your quality of hire; it also helps eliminate hiring bias. Learn more here:

Reaching Qualified Passive Candidates

Since the healthcare industry sees high turnover, having a constant stream of candidates at your doorstep is necessary. However, sometimes the best candidates aren’t actively looking. AI-Enabled solutions can aggregate a candidate’s profile information and recent activity from different sources, such as public resume databases and social networks, to predict how open the candidate is to your job. Learn more here:

How does AI Enable Targeting?

The “purple squirrel” is always the goal of any hiring process. The data gathered and reported by software programs should bolster your strategic sourcing initiatives by providing real-time information such as which job sites perform the best based on the job type, how many candidates fall off in the process and where. Learn more here:


Why is Big Data Analytics Key to AI in Healthcare Recruiting?

Big Data creates predictive models and algorithms that are capable of automating complex processes and making informed decisions that used to require human execution. Learn more here:

How do You Choose the Right AI Recruiting Technology?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for implementing AI. The first step is thinking about your department’s goals, and noting the pain points you’re hoping to fix, and the types of jobs you’re looking to hire, then you can identify the right recruitment technology solutions for your company. Learn more here:

Will AI Replace Healthcare Recruiters?

There’s a chance that AI will replace all of our jobs someday, regardless of industry or job function. But if you’re worried about AI phasing out the ‘human’ part of human resources, that will not happen in our lifetime. Learn more here:

Why AI is Great for Healthcare Recruitment

If you’re thinking about upping your AI game for your recruitment process, it’s important to understand that it comes with a lot of benefits but also risks. Learn more here:

Having AI software won’t magically resolve the traditional challenges of healthcare recruitment. But what it can do is help you make more informed, data-driven decisions, as well as streamline the time-consuming tasks that can take resources away from talent management or strategy.

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