Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture That Will Last

The economy is in the midst of a massive post-pandemic recovery—and retaining a workforce is becoming difficult. With uncertain times comes an uncertain mindset; if a company isn’t showing proper appreciation for employees, many are making the choice to leave. In light of this change of mindset, creating the proper inclusive workplace culture to keep your talent feeling valued is now more important than ever. 

There are a variety of ways that HR departments can help build an inclusive workplace culture. The impact that just a few of these changes can make will save countless hours and resources, as more and more employees make your organization a place where they can happily settle down for years to come. Let’s take a look at a few.

Evaluate Your Job Ads

Job advertisements are, for many applicants, the first impression your organization makes on them. A good ad conveys not only what the position they’re applying for will be like, but also gives a glimpse of your workplace culture and conveys your expectations for their work attitude and composure. If an ad has no personality behind it, or the pay seems unreasonable for the expectations, you’ll be less likely to attract talent. 

When diversifying your team, rewording your advertisement can be the key to receiving qualified candidates. Using the appropriate keyword clusters, ensuring the requirements section is realistic, and infusing the ad with your organization’s personality each go a long way towards ensuring your new employees enter the workplace with the right expectations.

Respect The Talent’s Schedule

One of the most egregious ways to sabotage a relationship with an employee is to ignore a pre-approved schedule. If an employee has provided a timetable of when they are available, respecting that schedule consistently will build lasting trust. Respecting the time of your employees will show that you value them as fellow people, and will build an inclusive workplace culture without having to expend unnecessary resources.

Reinforce Inclusive Values

To ensure that your organization not only becomes more inclusive but stays inclusive, it’s important to actively reinforce inclusive workplace culture. When it comes to informative exercises regarding inclusion, there are a number of ways to keep your team in the loop and knowledgeable:

  • Hold a seminar on workplace inclusion & diversity
  • Send out a survey to evaluate current workplace cohesion
  • Schedule fun and optional team bonding activities
  • Review company policy in regards to inclusion
  • Assess diversity with a diversity audit

While thinking big can lead to big changes in your overall workplace dynamic, maintenance of your inclusive workplace culture can be the key to long-term success.

Improve Your Hiring Diversity

Part of building an inclusive workplace culture is hiring a diverse and varied workforce. Blind hiring can help eliminate hiring bias from your recruitment process (AI tools can also help with this), and setting clear diversity goals will help keep your hiring on track.

Traditional sourcing on the largest job boards are great for bulk hiring, but when your needs are specific, it may be time to diversify your advertisements’ outreach. Posting to job boards that are targeted towards more diverse groups will expedite the process of finding a diverse candidate, and using tools that optimize your ad placement on said boards can speed the process up further. 

AI recruitment software is a great way to ensure that your advertisement is where it needs to be while reducing your overall expenditure per candidate. PandoLogic’s ad placement technology, combined with our host of unique job board sites help your ads achieve their full potential.

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