How to Create Job Ads That Lure a Multi-Generational Workforce

Every so often the workplace gets into a transitional period that sees one dominant generation give way to the next dominant generation. As the Baby Boomers edge closer to retirement, the Millennials are starting to take over management spots and leading the way as entrepreneurs. Stuck right in the middle is Generation X, which is a group filled with people who are still looking to make a name for themselves and accomplish something in their careers.

It can seem almost impossible to reach this cross-section of generations with effective job ads, but you would be surprised at how much all three of the current generations active in the job place have in common when it comes to getting the most out of what they do.

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Flexibility In Task And Opportunities

If your company’s mission statement does not include any reference to giving your employees an opportunity to grow with their careers, then you are going to have a really difficult time cutting across the generational lines. According to, 22 percent of all Baby Boomers and 30 percent of all Millennials demand flexibility from their employers.

This destroys the notion that Baby Boomers are just looking for a place to work until they are ready to retire. Baby Boomers are looking for as much chance at growth and success as Millennials, and your job ad needs to give all generations the feeling that they can get what they want from your company.

Extend Opportunity To Everyone

Whether your job ad is online or in print, the Victorian Public Sector Commission of Australia recommends that you create an ad that offers opportunity to everyone if you want to get the right mix of candidates. This means include age neutral pictures and wording in your ad so that you do not make any generation feel as though they are not welcome at your company.

Use Technology

The fear many employers have is that they are missing out on Baby Boomer talent if they use online job boards or job boards that post primarily to mobile devices. While nearly three out of every four Millennials uses technology to search for jobs, you will be shocked to find out that almost one out of every two Baby Boomers looks for jobs on their smartphones, and that number is slightly higher for Generation X. The best way to reach a multigenerational audience is to utilize the technology at hand because there is a good chance that all of the generations are using that technology to find their next jobs.

Online job boards are more effective at reaching across generational lines for talent than most companies realize. The trick is to put wording in your job ad that lets all generations know that your company has opportunities for everyone, and your company offers the flexibility for advancement that all generations are looking for. When your job ad wording is inclusive of all generations, then you will reach a broader audience.

What are some lessons you have learned in your career from older or younger colleagues that would speak to the benefits of a multi-generational workforce?

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.

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