Does Your Recruitment Process Focus on Top Talent or the Right Talent?

What do you think about when you hear the words “top talent?” What about “rock star?” Think they’re the same thing? In some cases, they might be. But sometimes the best person for the job isn’t an industry wizard with a list of credentials that stretches from here till November.

There’s nothing wrong with reaching for the stars. That’s what you have to do if you want to build great teams. But in your efforts to aim high, don’t forget that there are a lot of great candidates flying under your radar.

The Right Talent Differs Depending on the Job

You probably don’t need someone with star power filling every position or even many positions in the company. The star performers are who departments are built around, says Brightmove. But the verbal line gets blurry between top talent and stars.

Be careful about job ad wording because you could automatically eliminate some terrific candidates. There is the elite and then there is top-shelf. Top candidates are at the height of their game. But they don’t come with the same star power (or rock-star salary requirements) as the few “rainmakers” sprinkled throughout the industry.

Great Teams are Built From Within

Many organizations need a considerable amount of top talent. You’ll find them in administrative and managerial positions, sales and any other area where strong, consistent performance is important. A rock star might be at the heart of the team, but that’s not always the case.

You can hire top performers, and most organizations do. But think about looking closer to home. Instead of hiring externally, scout and develop talent from within. If you create a system of developing talent, you’ll have fewer occasions to look elsewhere for the best; they’ll already be there. Even better, they’ll have the training they need and fit the company culture.

Recruitment process
Team members are uniquely positioned to understand the job’s finer points.

Team Members Help Define Talent Requirements

When there is no available talent within to move up, or if you really do need a rock star, work closely with team members to fine tune your definition of the right talent. Brightmove suggests tossing old job descriptions and starting over from scratch. You might have new insight now, or the job might be slightly different from when you hired before.

Discuss the job with team members to get a clearer idea. The people who will work with the new hire every day might have a different view. And once you know what you’re looking for, make haste. The longer you wait, the more productivity and morale go down. And your right candidate might pass you by.

Rock stars, top performers and employees who are in development are all vital parts of the company whole. Each level has its place and helps strengthen the company’s bottom line. Just be sure to define the role’s needs and craft a job description that matches. “Top talent” might mean different things to different people. Learn the qualities of the right talent for the job, and you’ll attract more of them.

Sourcing and hiring the right talent constantly evolves, and we can help keep you in the know.

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