How to Use Social Media to Turn Job Seekers Into Applicants

Social media is a way for companies to put messages out to millions of prospective job candidates to find that one who fits the job description perfectly. While most recruiters use social media as a way to enhance their recruiting efforts, there are powerful ways to use social media to find your next employee and cut down on your recruiting costs.

Post Updates About Your Company

According to, regular updates about your company posted on social media can increase the interest of potential candidates and help you to find your next key employees. To get the maximum impact, you want to post company updates that have a bit of a personal side to them. Potential job candidates can find official company product and industry updates on your press page or from other industry websites on the Internet. But they can only find those personal updates on social media. Post updates about personal employee accomplishments or anything else that would interest candidates to enhance your recruiting efforts.

Promote Job Openings On Social Media recommends posting updates on job openings on social media to reach out and find the right candidates. Real-time updates on job openings on social media will be seen by a broad audience, and you can get a large number of quality replies when you keep people updated on your latest hiring needs through social media.

Post Recruiting Videos

Video is big on social media, and you can use video to enhance your company’s image to prospective employment candidates. As with company updates, you should create videos that show a more personal side to your company and help employment candidates to become more interested in being part of your team.

Post Current Employee Stories

You should get your current staff involved in your social media recruiting by encouraging employees to post their stories about working for your company on your social media website. One of the great things about getting first-hand employee stories is that potential employment candidates will see how much people enjoy working for your company, and you will also get a chance to see the positive impact your company has on its staff and their families.

Social media is a great companion to posting job ads and creating content that attracts employment candidates. The thing to remember about social media is that you need to have a more personal touch if you want to attract employment candidates. Use your social media presence to show how much your employees enjoy working at your company and the positive impact your company has on the community, and you will start to see a rise in the number of resumes your company gets from qualified candidates. Your social media presence can be the way in which you give an emotional interest to the job postings you put on job boards and on your own website.

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