Does Your Employer Brand Need Less Secret Identity and More Superhero?

In classic superhero tales, the protagonist is typically someone who wants to avoid the limelight. In doing so, the hero will usually don a secret identity to avoid suspicion, and this identity is often the complete opposite of who the hero is when he or she is fighting crime.

In business, and especially in representing your employer brand to candidates, it can be easy to fall into the same thing. You may know that your company is a superhero, but too often, you fail to convey that to a potential match for an open position.

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Why Does This Happen?

It all goes back to your inside knowledge. Because you already work for the company, you understand the brand, its accomplishments, its vision, its philosophy. As such, it can be easy to begin to think that everyone around you knows this information as well.

The truth is, however, they might not. When you’re immersed in your corporate culture all day long, it can be difficult to see the forest from the trees. This then affects how you market your employer brand. Is it fair to treat applicants like they should know what you know? Of course not … because you haven’t revealed the superhero that is your employer brand.

How to Unleash the Superhero

To remedy this problem, really take your time and see each career opportunity from the candidate’s eyes. Is he or she really being sold on how amazing the brand is? Are you demonstrating the company’s culture in the interview, or is this just another day at the office? When you change your perspective, you may be able to see where the candidate might not realize the superhero, and instead, he or she is seeing mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent.

This also translates to your job postings, social media updates, and your brand’s website. Give the candidate a reason to be excited and to truly desire working for your company. It’s true that many job seekers are looking for a paycheck and are willing to work a job that is easy enough that it pays the bills. But, is that kind of employee that is going to drive the company forward or is he or she just another warm body?

Candidates Can Be Superheroes Too

When it comes to seeking out candidates, realize that they need to reveal their true identities as well. A candidate who holds back his or her true nature and talents is doing a disservice to themselves, but they may also be doing a disservice to your company.

For example, if a candidate comes in to interview for an account management position but doesn’t mention that he or she has a lot of professional experience in web development, both of you could lose if you’re also seeking a web developer. Every professional and every brand has a secret identity and a superhero identity. It’s time to unleash the superhero in business to build brands and make them better.

Is generating candidate excitement the key to employers seeing an increase in their ROI for new hires?

Andrew Rusnak is an author who writes on topics that include human resources development and career counseling.

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