How Your Hiring Process Reflects Your Company Culture

With the pool of available employment candidates shrinking, it is more important than ever that companies understand the importance of a good interview process. When you are interviewing a candidate, you need to impress the candidate as much as they need to impress you. The process you use to bring in new talent can be a help or a hindrance to growing your organization. If you are finding it difficult to bring in the new talent you need to grow your organization, then you may want to review your interview process and make some changes.

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It Starts With The Employment Ad

According to Creator, employment candidates can get an idea as to what type of culture your company has by simply reading your employment ad and checking out the recruiting pages on your website. The companies that take the time to incorporate information on how the available position fits in with the organization’s corporate vision and values are showing a desire to hire an employee that fits in with the direction for the future. If you do not line up potential new hires with your corporate vision, then it looks like your company has no plans for the future.

A Peek Into Your Process

Spark Hire indicates that the way your interview process unfolds tells a candidate a lot about your company. If your process is efficient and you complete the process in a short period of time, then your company appears to be organized and dynamic. But if the process takes months and several repeat interviews to be completed, then the candidate may conclude that your company’s business process is seriously flawed. If you were a candidate, what kind of company would you want to work for?

Communication Issues

These days, employment candidates appreciate the challenges that bad corporate communication can create. If the human resources professional tells a candidate that an available position pays $50,000 per year but the departmental manager indicate that the position only pays $28,000 per year, then the candidate could conclude that the company is unable to communicate effectively between departments. Ineffective internal communication is a sign that your company is either stagnant, or missing out on the opportunities needed to grow.

Whenever your company releases information to the public, you are giving some insight into your company culture. But the recruiting and interviewing process is intimate enough that you are going to reveal a lot about how your company operates and what your company believes to potential employment candidates. If your company is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, then that needs to come out in your recruiting process. But if your company has a problem attending to details and capitalizing on opportunities, then that will affect your hiring process and cause potentially good candidates to look for employment elsewhere.

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