How Technology Can Help HR Hire Better Candidates

The job of HR recruiters keeps increasing in complexity, so it’s no wonder that new technologies are more than a little welcome to help manage it all. Everything is changing. Candidate sourcing isn’t simple anymore, and neither is keeping up with the ways that they want and need to be reached. And that doesn’t begin to cover all of the data sorting, analyzation and storage.

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Technology is how you reach the candidates of the future, and how you manage the ones of today. You might never have dreamed about all of the possibilities, but they’re live and ready to help right now, with even better versions on the horizon.

Social Media is Mainstream Now

Social media sourcing was a buzz-worthy idea a few years ago, but Social Times says 74 percent of recruiters use it to find and attract talent. LinkedIn is still tops, with 87 percent of recruiters among the ranks. Facebook comes in second with 55 percent of recruiters, and Twitter reaches 45 percent of recruiters. New networks are taking off, too. Vimeo, Tumblr and Periscope are a few that are getting traction.

Technology has to prove itself or else it will be discarded. (Remember Myspace?) And sometimes the real potential evolves over time. Bigger social media outlets have shown the potential for candidate sourcing, communication and brand management. That’s why most recruiters use it for finding information such as candidate job tenure and mutual industry connections.

High-Tech Candidate Matching Works Better

Candidate matching is never easy, but new technology collects and analyzes data from masses of potential candidates, which is a time-saving boon for recruiters. Computer algorithms can process data from resumes, social media profiles and applications, effectively whittling down the time that it takes recruiters to source candidates.

RealMatch job-matching technology is helpful in two ways. Candidates find matches with potential jobs that better fit their skill set and experience, and recruiters get more qualified candidates out of the gate. There’s less to cull, and a better, stronger pool of possibilities for both job seekers or candidates and recruiters.

Video Chat Removes Old Barriers

Remember when the only way to meet with candidates and applicants was face-to-face? A recent Gallup poll shows that telecommuting jobs are up to 37 percent now, so remote communication is becoming more than convenient; it’s critical.

Video chat such as Skype solves a problem and removes barriers, which is what all meaningful technology does. According to HR Morning, over 40 percent of interviews from a wide range of candidates happen via video now. That includes senior executives, management and entry-level position interviews.

Mobile Reaches Candidates Where They Are

If most (70 percent or more) candidates use a mobile device regularly, and 49 percent prefer to find and apply for a job using mobile, then recruiters should take advantage of the technology. And if 40 percent of job seekers have a negative impression of companies that don’t have a mobile-friendly application process, recruiters will lose valuable candidates to the companies that do.

But taking advantage of mobile also means offering what the candidates really want. Apps are important, but they’re only one part of a larger whole. Job seekers want a process that includes apps and a mobile-optimized website, and recruiters need a platform that reaches every candidate no matter which platform they prefer. Some do still primarily use a desktop, although mobile is fast outpacing it. Today, mobile optimization is here. Tomorrow, a multi-platform approach will work for everyone.

The only reason new recruiting technology keeps emerging is because problems in sourcing and hiring candidates still exist. Technology for the sake of something different never catches on because it doesn’t solve anything, and can make life more difficult than it should be.

It’s how you reach candidates now, and how you’ll continue to reach more and better-qualified candidates in the future. New technology is a recruiter’s best friend. Used wisely, it can keep you at the top of your game.

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