5 In-Demand Skills You Should Look For In 2022

The new year brings new market norms — and skills that are becoming more necessary across the board. As in-demand skills change, so too does the HR landscape. The difference in what is required for an excellent candidate will soon be reflected in job descriptions across the internet, and it’s important not to fall behind. If an organization is lacking the skills that have risen to the forefront of the market, it’s likely they’ll need to hire more talent to fill in the gaps. Knowing these 5 in-demand skills will help you keep your organization on top in the coming year.

Data Science And Collection

Data is the oil of the internet age — a resource so valuable that many groups make a majority of their profits from it. With the right data, trends can be predicted, groups can be effectively analyzed, and profits are ripe for the picking. The world’s most powerful companies all have massive amounts of data at their disposal, but they also have the means to effectively process and analyze that data to be used for their advantage. Those who have the experience to effectively analyze data have the ability to shape the future of an organization and lead them towards a better future.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence — it’s become something of a buzzword recently, but the technology has long since outstripped its novelty status. AI software is used by all of the world’s largest companies in one way or another. Amazon uses artificial intelligence to help predict demand trends, as well as assist customers through its revolutionary Alexa. Facebook uses AI to help police the website, removing potentially harmful content in order to protect its users. Automating tasks that would be nearly impossible for a team of people, while still maintaining human-like flexibility is what makes artificial intelligence software such a key player going forward. Those with the programming ability and understanding of AI systems will find themselves with one of the most in-demand skills of the upcoming year. 

Artificial intelligence in recruiting can take a number of forms. Chatbots like our own Wade & Wendy can provide information to customers and talent alike while maintaining a natural conversation. Screening software can save time and resources when evaluating applicants, and prevent human bias from interfering with talent acquisition. The number of AI tools at a recruiters disposal are varied, and dependant on their organization’s needs. All it takes is a simple search to find something that fits, or it could take a single click.

Video Production Skills

The internet is the host of more refined products now than ever before. Sites with immaculate visual layouts are paired with videos that are the perfect compliment. A well-produced video can make the difference between a lukewarm reception, and significantly increasing engagement. Video production is certainly an important part of marketing but is necessary for much more than that moving into 2022. Here are just a few of the ways that video production is being used:

  • Contractor training videos 
  • Employee on-boarding instructionals
  • Casual social media posts
  • Marketing
  • Web design

Nearly every facet of your organization’s image could be bolstered with video accompaniment. As more companies adopt the mindset that visual representation is a necessary and refined aspect of a solid brand image, video production will continue to be one of the most in-demand skills. 

Web Development And Solutions

Alongside video production, web development is one of the most in-demand skills today. While website creation and maintenance have been top-priority skillsets for years, as the internet grows and becomes a more complicated host the skill ceilings stretch ever higher. A solid user-interface system that is easy to understand, a safe web portal that can all but prevent a security breach, and plenty of other tasks all fall under web development. Knowledge of multiple coding languages and the flexibility to use them properly is key as well. 

VR/AR Skillsets

While Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were trendy back in the mid-2010s, they weren’t quite up to the sci-fi standard that many people had hoped for. Moving into the 2020s, the technology that the industry has access to has evolved, and the expectations for the future of VR/AR are expanding. Facebook has recently announced Metaverse, an upcoming virtual reality community experience aiming at bringing people together all over the world. This attempt to move physicality into virtual space may start a trend of increased focus on Virtual and Augmented realities, so those who have an understanding of the software possess one of 2022’s most in-demand skills. 

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