Key Attributes for Designing High-End Job Descriptions


You will often come across articles online which provide advice for job seekers on how to maximize their chances of getting a good job by improving their resume. But, what most employers and companies neglect is the fact that they also need to do their part by creating a relevant and effective job description that will attract top talent.

Also, according to John Hammond, who is a recruiting manager for a reputable writing service, since most job ads are posted online nowadays, you should do your best to optimize your job ads, because they can improve your position inside the search engine results, in case you have paid attention to SEO:

On top of that, well-crafted job descriptions are a great opportunity to show off your company in a favorable light and present its goals. Also, they reduce the chance of unpleasant experiences with the wrong candidates.”

If you are interested in creating effective job descriptions that will attract the best candidates out there, check out our list of key attributes for designing high-end job descriptions.

1. Information about Your Company

Although obvious, it is still an essential part of every good job description. Remember, placing your brand name out there along with your company’s logo is not just useful for attracting the right type of candidates, but also for promoting your company and spreading awareness, which may come in handy for future recruitment purposes. Also, include a brief history of your company, along with the nature of its business. Once people know more about your company, they will be more inclined to trust it.

2. Job Overview

In a few sentences, describe the job position by stating its purpose and providing a brief outline. You will be able to go into more detail in other sections of the job description. This section should always include the exact job title and classification, such as Content Manager, Web Developer, Technical Writer, Web Designer, and so on. Also, include the location where the job will be taking place, as well as the responsibilities of the candidate from a management standpoint: who reports to them, and who they report to.

3. Job Tasks

Provide the job candidates with a clear, but detailed description of all the tasks and responsibilities related to the job position. Make sure to limit the list to a maximum of 10 tasks. Start the description of each with a verb which clearly indicates what they will be required to do (write, develop, manage, design…), along with the ultimate goal of the task. For example, creating content for the purpose of improving the company’s online presence and lead generation”. That way, you avoid any confusion as to what is expected of the person you decide to hire.

4. Job Skills

In this section, make sure to include all the relevant skills and knowledge an ideal candidate needs to have in order to perform the job up to the required standards, and in accordance with the list of tasks. For example, if you are looking for a technical writer, they should be able to know their way around Microsoft Office, or any other similar suite, WordPress, HTML, as well as some basic design skills in order to design good-looking documentation and presentations.

5. Relevant Experience

Make sure to include how much experience a candidate needs to have, as well as what sort of previous job experience is considered relevant for the job opening. In addition to experience, also mention additional certificates which may be necessary for the job, as well as minimal requirements when it comes to education and qualifications.

6. Compensation

Of course; every candidate should know how much they will be paid for their services. Also, make sure to include information regarding the structure of the salary, payment, as well as any information regarding bonuses. If your company rewards its employees in some way, whether financially or by allowing extra days off, include that in the job posting as well.

7. Application Instructions

These days, there are several different options you can rely on as far as resumes are concerned. You can ask potential candidates to apply via email, phone, letter, or have them upload their resumes through the official website or a third-party recruitment website. In any case, make sure that the instructions are clear. If you are in the market for a detail-oriented person, have them include a particular sentence or a phrase several times throughout the article. That way, you will know that they have read the instructions carefully and that they are interested in the job. Also, if you prefer to receive resumes in some other form, such as video, let the candidates know.


Just like you appreciate when you receive a detailed resume containing all the crucial information, all the best candidates out there like to be informed about all the requirements of the job. Ultimately, investing a little extra time to put together a good job description benefits you and your company the most.

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