Common Mistakes in Social Recruiting You Should Avoid

The number of employers using social recruiting has been steadily increasing over time, to the extent that it’s now believed around 90% of companies are using this recruiting strategy. But if you aren’t doing it correctly, you could be wasting time and money – and missing out on the top candidates who are out there waiting for you. Here are some common mistakes to avoid at all costs when it comes to social recruiting.

Don’t skip the strategy

Think you don’t need to put a strategy together? Think again. It’s important that you only tackle the social networks that you can manage, as an inactive page gives a negative impression to those potential candidates that you want to recruit. Remember, if they really are at the top of their game, you won’t be the only company who wants to snap them – so make it easier for yourself and only compete in the networks where you’re well-known or established.

Don’t forget to define your audience

You don’t want to just recruit anyone, so why should you be sending out your messages to everyone? Make sure you are targeting your audience with defined demographics. Think about your ideal candidate and narrow the search down to someone who fits those characteristics. This is where strategy is also very important, as you can track them down on the networks where they are likely to spend the most time.

Don’t ignore relationship building

Most people who use the internet aren’t actively looking for a job. They may not even be actively looking if they see your posts and follow your stream. This doesn’t mean they won’t be a good target in the future, so don’t ignore them – social media isn’t just about those split-second connections. It’s about building a long-term relationship with those who come to your page so that when the time is right for them, you’ll be waiting.

Don’t post the wrong content

What kind of content is the wrong thing to post? Well, for one thing, you don’t want to spam your audience – so don’t post the same thing over and over, and don’t focus on just your message without adding in any other content. You should also make sure your posts are relevant to your audience. You could put people off and lose their interest otherwise. Also be careful not to alienate the part of your audience who are not job seekers – target only those who are for your recruitment messages and you will see better audience retention.

Don’t ignore colleges

College graduates are very tech-savvy and will spend most of their lives on social media. These are exactly the kind of people that you should be targeting, rather than spending money on visiting lots of campuses in person. Make sure that you include them in your target demographics, and consider those who are just about to graduate as well as those who already have. This will allow you to get a foot in the door before they have even taken their first steps into the world of work. If you want to beat the competition, this is definitely a good move in the right direction.

A final thought is that if you aren’t sure about how to make the right posts or attract the right candidates to your company through social recruiting, you shouldn’t try to do it alone. Read up on the subject and consider investing in some training, or even hiring a consultant who can help you to get it right. At the very least, look up sample company messages and profiles to get a feel for the right course.

Kelly Smith is an experienced writer and tutor working at Career FAQs. She’s keen on new motivational tools and productivity hacks. She’s also interested in the new media.

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