6 Common Myths About AI Hiring Software

AI recruitment software is seeing a steady uptick in usage going into 2022. Increasingly, employers are realizing the benefits of bolstering their HR teams with AI hiring software — but this success has brought about some persistent myths as well. Some fear that automation will cause recruiting to become obsolete, while others are worried about the cost of new and more complicated software. Today we’ll look at six of the most common myths surrounding AI hiring software, and shed some light on how it really works.

Myth #1: AI Software = Chatbots

Currently, the most utilized form of AI hiring software according to the Mercer Trends report for 2021 is the chatbot. AI chatbots are incredibly useful tools, designed to simulate a natural human conversation while providing information to interested parties like customers or potential candidates. Most of the AI hiring software that we come into contact with during our everyday lives are chatbots — but that is certainly not all that it is. Screening software can automate the going-over of resumes, as well as evaluate the performance of trainees. Other types can send personalized emails to applicants, optimize job advertisements and their placement, and complete a number of different recruitment-related tasks. As technology advances, more and more options will become available for public use.

Myth #2: AI Software Will Take Recruiter Jobs

It’s true that AI hiring software has been advancing steadily over the years, and that it can complete more complicated tasks than ever before — in fact, it’s one of AI software’s biggest selling points. What isn’t true is that AI hiring software will completely take over the recruitment process, to the point where HR teams are unnecessary. On the contrary, AI hiring software works for HR employees, not against them. Screening software and chatbots take over more menial, time-consuming tasks, allowing team members to spend their time on necessarily human work. This saves money for the organization while allowing HR to work on projects that will make them feel valued.

Myth #3: AI Only Helps Big Organizations

One of the problems that AI hiring software is best at solving is the issue of mass hiring. Larger organizations definitely benefit from this a lot, but AI hiring software can do more than just speed up the recruiting process for both big and small companies. Ad placement software can help reduce the cost-per-hire for those who want to lessen the financial burden of recruitment. By optimizing which job boards your advertisement is placed on, your organization is more likely to find the candidate they need without wasting time and resources.

Myth #4: It’s Complicated To Use

While the programming behind AI hiring software can be quite complex, actually using it is a simple endeavor. The UI (User Interface) of AI hiring software allows it to carry out tasks after just a few clicks. For resume screening, a good user interface will let you plug in the job details and what skills your organization is looking for, before starting its task. You’ll be seeing the fruits of your investment nearly immediately.

Myth #5: It Increases Bias

Recently, both Facebook and Amazon have had serious issues with their AI software, which has spawned countless rumors about the integrity of artificial intelligence in recruiting. Amazon’s case, where their recruitment software held a secret bias against women, was especially harmful to the reputation of recruitment AI across the board. The truth is that this is a fringe case and that artificial intelligence actually lowers levels of bias during the recruiting process. If programmed to look for certain skills and requirements, high-quality AI hiring software will unfailingly prioritize said abilities, while ignoring unrelated human traits. Age, race, gender, height, and any other strictly personal characteristics won’t be taken into account at all.

Myth #6: AI Recruitment Software Is Expensive

While high-quality AI hiring software isn’t free, it is a fantastic way to save your organization money long-term. On average, it takes a seasoned recruiter 7 seconds to screen a resume, while it takes technology mere moments. If there are hundreds, or even thousands of resumes to go through, this can quickly add up. AI hiring software’s purpose is to increase quality of hire while saving time and resources. It’s an investment for your organization’s future that provides both short and long-term benefits. PandoLogic’s suite of AI hiring software tools has everything you need to make your plans successful, from Job Ad Placement software to the highest quality chatbots.

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