Put the Checkbook Away: Top 3 Perks Job Candidates Are Looking For


Are you thinking about a career move? CareerBuilder says that it might not be long before you’re in the same spot as the candidates you scout. According to a survey of over 3,000 people, which the job resource website released back in December, about one in five expect to change jobs this year. So now for the big question: what do job seekers really want? It might not be what you think.

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If you consider it from your own perspective, the answers might not surprise you. After all, most people want similar things. Of course, compensation matters. Anyone who didn’t list money as an important factor when deciding to accept a job, or apply for a job in the first place, probably assumes that compensation would be fair. But there are other factors, ones that have nothing to do with money, that matter more.

Job Stability Ranks Highest


What could be more important than job security? Apparently not much, as this is the #1 factor that candidates look for in the job search. No one relishes the idea of investing time and effort in a job hunt only to find themselves back in the market again and again. That’s why 65 percent of survey responders put this job perk at the top.

Even the stereotypical “job-hopping Millennial” wants some security in the workplace, says Brazen. It’s a bit of an intangible benefit, so you have to demonstrate it in other ways besides a bullet point on a job ad. Create a culture where you appreciate and acknowledge existing employees, and your employer brand will become known for valuing human capital. Brazen suggests public employee recognition on social media, even if it’s just a Happy Birthday message.

Candidates Want a Positive Company Culture


Everyone wants to fit in. Nearly half of survey responders rank good company culture among the top considerations in the job hunt. As with job stability, it circles back around to employer brand reputation. If you don’t have a good handle on it, Brazen says some reflection is in order. “Question everything about your company,” they recommend.

Think about working for your company from the perspective of the job seeker. Would you really want to work for you in the company environment that exists right now? Ask the hard questions, Brazen says. Find out if your employee environment mirrors the message that you try to send. If your answers come up lacking, you’ve got some brand management work to do before you can expect to land top talent. Survey existing employees to learn more about what your company culture is really like.

Company Transparency Isn’t Just for Customers


When you consider that the job candidate experience grows more like the customer experience every day, it’s not hard to see why company transparency matters. Glassdoor says that it’s “not just a buzzword.” It fosters “an environment of trust” that’s vital for the survival of every business.

Job candidates shop for employers the way that consumers shop for goods and services. In the 21st century, that means doing some company homework. Candidates scope out social media, read company reviews and testimonials and look for the same markers of trust and integrity that a shopper wants. Company transparency supports all of that.

People want more than merely a job and a paycheck. There’s no air of desperation at all with candidates these days, especially those who are already employed somewhere else. An open position still attracts some job seekers, but top talent knows that they can be selective.

Put yourself in their shoes. Chances are you wouldn’t leave your current job for one that wasn’t satisfying and only promised a raise. Money doesn’t buy happiness anymore. Maybe it never did.


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