3 Myths Busted About Pay Per Application Advertising

Pay per application recruiting is still a viable method of getting qualified applicants in the door, but there are a number of misconceptions about just how effective this method is in the digital age. Many employers these days feel like job boards are the way to go, but what many of these employers don’t realize is that pay per application options are often on and the same. Below are 3 myths debunked:

1. Employers May Be Too Liberal These Days

When looking for applicants, employers are provided with so many free and cheap options that they get a litany of candidates coming in. This may seem like a good thing at first, but when you consider the time, effort, and manpower it takes to read through and process all of these applicants.

It’s clear to see that it may take more time, energy, and company resources to sift through candidates than it takes to allow professionals to handle such tasks. Consider this: millions are still out of work in the year 2015, and employment has become a bit of a free throw for those seeking work. Essentially, job seekers are trying to find the right fit while your company is trying to find the right fit. Throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks is not a good plan for growth. Instead, let trained professionals vet potential matches for your business so that you can concentrate on keeping things running smoothly.

2. Does Technology Really Make Things Easier?

It might seem that technology has made it easier than ever for employers to posts jobs online using sites like Indeed and Monster, but many such employers have not considered the costs associated with vetting and interviewing candidates. When using such sites, you may receive a ton of applicants, many of whom are not qualified, for one position. This not only places your business in a difficult situation, but it can also put a strain on workforce time, productivity, and energy.

The truth is that there are plenty of people on the Internet who are more than willing to submit to any openings available, and while these job seekers may have noble intentions, they may not be qualified for the open positions at your company, even if you find them freely online.

3. Trust in Experienced Providers

The Internet is filled with job board sites that promise to obtain plenty of qualified candidates, but in most cases, these same job board sites only gather workers who offer certain keywords on their resumes. By turning to serious job board sites, your company has the ability to receive vetted resumes that don’t rely on keywords to be matched.

This means that pay per application spending may be a better investment. You receive vetted, qualified applicants – instead of wading through hundreds of online applications that could have come from anywhere – and cost expensive productivity resources to page through.

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