3 Ways AI Improves The Virtual Hiring Experience

10 years ago, none of us could have predicted that virtual hiring would become the new norm. At least not to this degree. Whether you predicted it or not, it’s here to stay—which means you need to equip your team with the hiring tools to properly execute virtual hiring so you don’t miss out on top candidates. Keep reading for 3 ways that AI-powered tools improve virtual hiring, and why you should add this tech to your toolkit if you haven’t already. 

Challenges Of Virtual Hiring

The idea of virtual hiring might seem convenient: target, interview, and hire qualified candidates wherever you (and they) are. It’s true that virtual hiring can have its upsides—but unfortunately, it also comes with a whole host of challenges, including: 

  • Targeting the right applicants wholly online
  • Fostering a personalized, human experience from the start
  • Scheduling interviews across time zones in an efficient manner
  • Interview fatigue after several video calls
  • Connectivity problems and technical issues 
  • Capturing the company culture during the interview 

While AI can’t solve all the challenges that virtual hiring creates, it can help improve the experience in 3 key ways. 

Automatic And Personalized Outreach

While it may seem counterintuitive, AI can help you build a personalized experience during the interview process—through AI-driven chatbots. Say goodbye to clunky chatbots that could harm your employer brand rather than help it. Now, chatbots like PandoLogic’s recently acquired Wade & Wendy can intelligently parse a job description, leveraging the knowledge of the domain, to produce a role-specific chat to inform and evaluate your talent pool. Plus, the more communicative you are with a candidate from the start, the more they will feel engaged in the virtual hiring and interviewing process.

Efficient Interview Scheduling

Balancing different time schedules can be tough, and there’s no use for your team to waste precious resources doing the mental gymnastics of scheduling. Instead, rely on AI. In addition to initial outreach, AI software can also automatically schedule interviews with qualified candidates; this means candidates don’t have to wait around—becoming increasingly discouraged—wondering when they’ll hear back. When you are efficient, a candidate will feel their time is valued. And in the virtual hiring process (where it’s all too easy to feel like you’re in an “interview black hole”), tools and tactics that can foster positive sentiment are ever-more important. 

Increasingly Diverse And Qualified Talent Pool

While there are a lot of challenges associated with virtual hiring, it would be remiss not to mention one of the potential upsides to virtual hiring and a more remote-friendly workforce. With greater flexibility in location comes a more diverse pool of applicants that you can choose from. So the question becomes—how do you target those candidates from the start? 

This is another area that AI can dramatically improve your virtual hiring processes. Not only can programmatic recruitment software that uses AI (like pandoIQ) use the right keywords in job ads, it can also ensure that those job ads are being placed on all the right online job boards. From the big, popular names to the more niche ones. So to best take advantage of this upside of virtual hiring, you’ll want a robust tool that can take the guesswork out of job ads and targeting. 

AI may not be able to improve your internet connection (we recommend having a backup interview method, like a classic phone call, ready to go!), it can help vastly improve other crucial steps during the virtual hiring process.

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