4 HR Tech Vendors Offering Help During COVID-19

When problems reach their boiling point, its human nature to struggle to see the good in the world. And with the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 along with the world feeling perpetually on pause, it’s even harder. But there are some HR tech vendors in the industry that are seizing the opportunity to do their part and offer assistance to others in the space that need a helpful boost. Here are 4 HR tech vendors offering help during these difficult times.

Intrepid Is Offering Their Learning Platform At No Charge

Intrepid is a collaborative training platform where companies can create training programs for new or existing employees. In other words, it’s a platform that was made for remote work and distance learning.

They’ve made some internal changes to their product offerings to help implement the platform faster along with, at no additional charge, a package of consultation sessions so that new customers can get started on their platform more quickly.

But most importantly, they are offering healthcare organizations their services for free. From their own words Intrepid’s site says, “Our collaborative learning platform is purpose-built to migrate classroom learning programs to impactful digital learning experiences…for all learning programs focused on COVID-19 education, awareness, and communication provided by healthcare or non-governmental organizations, we are pleased to provide use of the Intrepid platform at no charge.” To learn more and to sign up for their services click here.

ServiceNow Launched A Series Of Apps Aimed At Streamlining Crisis Response

ServiceNow is a company that is dedicated to the art of simplifying the way work…well, works. ServiceNow customers can build workflows and apps to break down their processes into smaller more manageable tasks.

Their newly created Customer Care Program contains a series of apps that can help C-Suite and HR teams alike manage their crisis response tactics. With workflows that map out emergency response operations or an app that can quickly isolate and track employee exposure to illness, these programs can absolutely assist those of us needing some extra help to execute these crucial tasks. These apps are available for current customers at no extra charge and available for free to non-customers until September 30th, 2020.

Perceptyx Created A Free Employee Listening Survey To Offer Much Needed Insight

Listening to employees and implementing their feedback is, in general, a better business practice. But during these troubling times it’s an even greater resource for HR teams. We’ve talked about the importance of people analytics before, but companies like Perceptyx take people analytics and help companies turn them into action items.

Almost immediately as the COVID-19 crisis began, Perceptyx created a free 16 question employee listening survey to help users better understand the individual feelings and experience of their employees to help them cultivate a better crisis response. According to the Perceptyx website, “[The survey] will include the ability to measure employee perceptions of the response over time and compare to external benchmarks as they become available, and will allow access to real-time insights related to shifts in employee sentiment across their organization. The measures include indicators of confidence in leadership, perceived care of individuals, consistency in how policies are applied, effectiveness of communication efforts, and more.” Organizations can then take this information to create a well-rounded and transparent road map.

Filtered Is Offering The Use of Their Remote Interviewing Platform For Free

Filtered is a remote interviewing platform built to help companies that are hiring for engineering positions. With most everyone working from home these days, it’s difficult for companies that are still hiring to go through their usual hiring process. Tech platforms like Filtered, however, make sure you get all of the ease of a Zoom call with all of the analytics and collaboration tools needed to make the right hiring choice.

With built-in job assessment tools, you know the next engineer you hire will be the best fit for your organization both culturally and technically. You can watch candidates answer your coding questions minute-by-minute and leave notes to your colleagues on who the better candidate is all within the platform. Check it out here.

The PandoLogic Talent Acquisition Fund

In our own efforts to help companies affected by COVID-19, we’ve established a Talent Acquisition Fund to help cover the cost of a recruitment advertising campaign.

Our own data shows that CPCs and CPAs are skyrocketing for jobs that are in high demand. Healthcare organizations, for example, are paying even more money to have their Registered Nurse or Respiratory Therapist positions advertised on major job boards. We know people need jobs and people need help so this fund was a no-brainer.

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