5 Hiring Trends That Will Help Your Recruiting Strategy

There’s a time and place for sticking to the classics. Using old or outdated recruiting methods isn’t one of them. Keep reading to learn of five hiring trends you should keep in mind when building out your recruiting strategy.

1. Remote-Friendly Roles and Interviews

This first hiring trend may come as no surprise. After the pandemic and many months where working from home was introduced, rolled out, and enforced, remote workforces are here to stay. For some companies that means a hybrid workforce, whereas some others have adopted an entirely remote approach. 

The flexibility to be based anywhere, naturally, affects the hiring process itself. Gone are the days when a candidate would head into the office to meet with employees after their initial phone screening. Now, candidates only need to travel to their nearest computer. Employers are open to candidates who aren’t local—sometimes even many time zones apart. This is made possible through better and more reliable video interviewing software. 

2. Programmatic Recruiting Software

The first hiring trend in our list means that potential candidates can be based just about anywhere—which is both good and bad. It means you potentially have a larger pool to choose from; it also means you have a more difficult task ahead of you to reach these candidates. That’s where our next hiring trend comes in: utilizing programmatic recruitment software. 

Programmatic recruiting automates and optimizes decision-making during every stage of the job advertising process. From job classification to targeted distribution to budget allocation, programmatic recruiting makes decisions based on real-time data, taking the onus off you and taking the guesswork out of the process. PandoLogic’s own programmatic recruitment software analyzes over 1 trillion historical data points to powerfully optimize every one of your job ad campaigns. 

3. AI-Driven Chatbots

A hiring trend that goes hand in hand with programmatic recruiting? Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Similar to how programmatic recruiting is able to automate decision-making during the recruitment process, AI-driven chatbots are able to automate communication, engagement, and scheduling. 

A conversational AI platform can help: 

  • Engage candidates by being able to chat 24/7 and offering a friendly, welcoming first touchpoint
  • Parse the job description to produce a role-specific chat to inform and evaluate your talent pool
  • Build you a pipeline of qualified candidates, with relevant info that goes beyond a candidate’s resume
  • Generate personalized messages to each candidate
  • Intelligently manage outreach campaigns to improve conversions
  • Automatically schedule interviews with qualified candidates

PandoLogic’s own Wade & Wendy offers both the powerful capabilities listed above and customizability—an important factor when considering what an AI-driven chatbot might be for you.

4. Internal Candidates

In addition to hiring trends concerning the tools you use to engage and bring new candidates onboard, there are trends around where you might find new employees. Increasingly, companies are looking inwards at internal candidates. There are two main reasons why this is a useful hiring trend to be aware of: 

  • The recruitment process tends to be efficient (both in time and cost) when interviewing and vetting an internal candidate
  • It fosters goodwill amongst employees, who will see other opportunities for career growth

Consider employee referral programs to incentivize your employees to bring forth the best candidates as well. However, note that this hiring trend isn’t right for every organization—especially if your team is small or you’re building out wholly new functions. In that case, we’d recommend employing the hiring trends mentioned in trends two and three. 

5. Continued Emphasis On Diversity And Inclusion

This may feel broad as a hiring trend, but it’s an important mindset to consider when thinking about your hiring practices and recruitment strategies. While it’s important to consider diversity and inclusion during the hiring process itself, you’ll also want to consider where you currently stand. Consider a diversity audit for your organization, which will help establish baselines across departments and seniority levels. Additionally, hiring diversely isn’t worth much if your retention rate is low. Ensure that your company’s internal culture is conducive to diversity in the workforce across the org and keep track of your diversity goals

By keeping these hiring trends in mind, you’re sure to build a recruitment strategy that is both effective and efficient. And PandoLogic is here to help. 

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