6 Employee Engagement Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Most businesses know that employee engagement matters. Most of them understand what aspects of their business are affected by engaged or disengaged employees. What seems to be missing is a better understanding of how effective their existing strategy is and understanding what an engaged employee looks like.

More and more businesses embrace employee engagement strategies, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. The growing economy has changed the employer/employee dynamic. No longer are people content just to have a job. In fact, most employees aren’t even 100 percent loyal to their employers. According to a report conducted by Advance Systems Inc., around 69 percent of American employees are open to other opportunities or are already actively seeking another job.

The American workforce expects a career where they can thrive. Otherwise, they’ll head for greener pastures, hurting the company brand and its profits along the way. Here are 6 stats that could help you develop a better employee engagement strategy.


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