A Guide to Staffing and HR Conferences in 2021

As an HR professional, you know the importance of connecting with people. And we don’t just mean prospective candidates, but peers and leaders in the recruitment industry, as well. That’s why it’s important to seek out and attend HR conferences. We’ve rounded up a few key HR conferences in 2021 you should know about.

HR Conferences In 2021 You Should Know

If we were to gather all the HR conferences (virtual and in-person) this post would be too long to be helpful! So we’ve focused on four key HR conferences in 2021 that all have an important focus on building HR teams that can keep up with the times—and that are prepared for the future of recruitment.

  • SHRM’s Inclusion 2021: October 25-27. This year’s INCLUSION Marketplace will showcase the latest products and services in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The conference will take place in Austin and, in addition to showcasing a wide range of speakers giving talks in-person, also features an impressive line-up of virtual events you can attend.
  • Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) GigE: September 21-23. SIA’s gig economy staffing summit is in progress. It’s covering topics surrounding the way work is being done today amidst continual change and how technology will play a vital role in the future workforce. They also have an upcoming summit on healthcare staffing. See their entire calendar of events here for the rest of 2021 and 2022 planning. 
  • Staffing World 2021: September 28-30. The American Staffing Association (ASA) puts on this expo as a place for the staffing community to come together, make strategic connections, and get solutions that fuel growth and success. This year’s HR conference has over 70 sessions available to attend. 
  • HR Tech: September 28-October 1. HR Tech is the industry’s leading independent event and has been for 20+ years. The HR Technology Conference is intended for those looking to continuously optimize usage of current HR systems as well as those looking to buy. It’s where you’ll gain the insight needed to make critical HR system decisions that will fuel your business while supporting your organization’s unique needs now and in the future.

The Benefits Of Attending HR Conferences In 2021

As we mentioned in the introduction to this post, attending HR conferences is a valuable way for you to connect with peers and leaders in the broad recruitment space and within your specific industry. Considering how much the workplace has been shifting, staying informed about the latest trends, tools, and technology is crucial to running an effective HR team—and an effective company at large. 

Additionally, attending HR conferences in 2021 offers an opportunity to meet with prospective partners and talent solutions. Members of PandoLogic’s team attended and will be attending the HR conferences above. If you attend, come say hello. We’d be happy to give you an overview of our suite of tools including: 

  • pandoIQ: PandoLogic’s programmatic recruitment software. pandoIQ uses artificial intelligence to build your ideal job ad campaign strategy, automating job ad placement and dynamically allocating budget. 
  • Conversational AI: An all-in-one conversational AI platform. Wade & Wendy wields artificial intelligence to help acquire talent, convert job seekers into applicants, and make informed recommendations throughout the recruiting process.
  • PandoExchange: PandoLogic’s solution for recruitment agencies, job aggregators, and job boards to optimize their job ad distribution. It gives you access to our exclusive network of sites so you can drive more candidate traffic to your advertisements and for your job advertisers.

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