How is Artificial Intelligence Changing the Recruiting Process?

Over the course of the last decade, artificial intelligence has been growing and evolving. Since the mid-2010s, corporate titans have hinted at the continual rise of AI in nearly every field of industry. The flexibility of self-learning software promised the automation of tasks normally too complicated for a machine to undertake. Now that technology has become common practice in the recruiting industry—and it’s changing everything. 

From the way resources are allocated, to basic task completion, to the creation of a recruitment pipeline, the HR industry has morphed around the available AI tech. In this post, we’ll cover how AI has shaped the recruitment industry—and how you can join the technological revolution.

Chatbots Dispense Information Flawlessly

Out of all of the AI tech out there, chatbots see the most use by far. High-quality conversational AI can take over multiple menial tasks, including answering inquiries from customers/applicants and emailing candidates about the status of their applications. Despite their most common usage, chatbots aren’t limited to minor endeavors — they can take over entire processes. 

Our own pandoSELECT platform is an example of a multifunctional chatbot that can automate a good portion of recruitment by itself. pandoSELECT can send personalized messages and provide insight on your current hiring process — without much more than a few clicks.

Automate the Resume Screening Process

Resume screening is one of the more tedious portions of the recruitment cycle. Oftentimes, recruiters will have to sift through thousands of resumes in order to find a handful of qualified applicants. Artificial intelligence relieves HR team members of that burden and further improves the screening experience. 

Human bias has long been the bane of an HR team’s reputation. While diversity seminars and company policy can mitigate the issue, nothing stifles human bias more than removing people altogether. AI resume screening software can be set to ignore traits that don’t matter and pinpoint your most desired characteristics.

Find the Best Job Boards

In the early days of the internet, finding a job online was difficult. Now, careers can be launched with just the click of a mouse. This is great for applicants but creates a daunting process for recruiters. Posting to every major job board will often produce many applicants—but of varying quality. Finding exactly the right boards takes many hours, and costs money unto itself. Both methods use plenty of resources.

Seeking access to AI-powered job aggregators is the way to go. With an aggregator like PandoExchange, you get access to a range of specialized sites that target the applicants most suited for the job. It eliminates the hours necessary to locate the proper job boards and cuts down on the number of low-quality resumes you’ll have to sift through.

Replacing Jobs and Creating New Ones

Back in 2020, the World Economics Forum estimated that over 80 million jobs would be replaced by artificial intelligence technology. While that number may seem daunting, it was also estimated that the technology would create a whopping 97 million new jobs in the same span of time. 

The AI revolution doesn’t mean humans are being replaced by computer software—rather, it’s a shift of reliance. During the industrial revolution, the population began to depend on machines to complete everyday tasks and labor. In the age of the internet and computer dominance, we are learning that we can place our work in the hands of advanced software. Nothing we have created so far has replaced the need for human ingenuity, and it’s unlikely that anything will. The human mind is a unique machine unto itself.

Join the AI Revolution with PandoLogic

PandoLogic’s toolbox of AI recruitment software is constantly being fine-tuned and improved to meet the evolving demands of HR work. Our own Wade & Wendy have been named as some of the best candidate sourcing tools on the market, getting you results without emptying your wallet. Alongside our other pieces of resource-saving, retention-improving software, your recruiting efforts will jump from the present into the future.

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