Automated Recruiting: Will AI Replace Recruiters?

Artificial intelligence is quickly improving — and AI recruiting has become a popular strategy. This has led some recruiters to wonder if AI is destined to take their jobs. But is it really? 

Well, the short answer is…no! Artificial intelligence is still a long way away from actually relieving human HR agents from their jobs. Recruiters make thousands of complicated decisions per hire, and AI simply isn’t flexible or powerful enough to take over that process.

However, AI has advanced to the point where it can automate large portions of the recruitment cycle. Today we’ll be discussing the most often utilized AI tools, and how they can help relieve recruiters of menial tasks — without relieving them of their jobs.

Why AI Can’t Replace Recruiters

AI recruiting software is a great asset for recruiting teams, but recruiters can rest easy knowing it can’t completely replace them. Why? Because one of the most important aspects of the talent acquisition process is the human touch. Elements like empathy and relationship building play a crucial role in the recruiting process, and AI can’t match humans in these areas.

AI can actually help emphasize these human skills by freeing up recruiting team bandwidth. By tackling more menial tasks, AI frees up time for recruiters to spend building relationships with candidates, developing strategies, and negotiating.

How AI Can Help Recruiters

So how can AI recruiting tools specifically benefit recruiters? Let’s take a look at a few key ways.

Conversational AI (Chat): Improving Candidate Engagement

Traditional chatbots are a popular recruitment tool, and as a result, have been evolving at a fairly rapid pace. Less than a decade ago, it would’ve been impressive if an AI could hold even a basic conversation. Now, AI is helping streamline the entire candidate delivery process. 

Our own conversational AI chat tool has the combined power of our programmatic job advertising solution and light candidate management to help keep candidates engaged throughout your hiring process. By asking applicants key qualifying questions, this easy-to-use tool simplifies the time-consuming tasks associated with recruitment while simultaneously keeping track of responses within a simple dashboard.

Resume Screening Software: Removing Bias and Costs

One of the more arduous tasks a recruiter is likely to undertake is resume screening. Depending on the number of resumes, the process can easily take days. With AI screening software that time expenditure is reduced to nearly nothing. While a seasoned recruiter can screen around 1 resume every 7 seconds, artificial intelligence can do so much faster — and automatically. The only step a recruiter has to take is to plug the desired traits and experience into the program.

Having an AI take over the screening process also removes the issue of human bias. No people, no human bias. It’s as simple as that.

Job Ad Placement AI: Increase Reach and Candidate Quality

If finding the most effective way to allocate resources towards job placement is becoming a difficult task, consider using AI to relieve your team of that burden. Job Ad placement AI is often paired with a job aggregator that allows it to effectively place your ad. The program can take into account your budget, as well as diversity metrics and expertise levels.

Automated Interviews: Effective and Efficient

The pandemic forced organizations to shift their interview policies. While beforehand, in-person interviews were a must, many companies were forced to go remote. Remote interviews have some benefits that at the time were unforeseen. They’re easy to schedule, take less time to complete, and often allow interviewers to gather information more efficiently. 

Combined with AI tech, the interviews become even more efficient, perfect for interviewing a large number of candidates. Hilton, Under Armour, and other large companies have begun to incorporate AI interviews into their hiring plans for exactly this reason. 

The debate between in-person vs. remote interviews may go on for a while, but the truth is that each has its place in the process. What AI hasn’t done as effectively is interview for specialized positions and leadership roles. This is still best done by a professional. The human connection and extra respect offered by an in-person interview is more likely to attract and effectively evaluate these candidates.

Boost Your Recruiting with PandoLogic’s AI Recruiting Tools

So when someone asks you if AI will replace recruiters, you can confidently answer: No! As of today, AI recruitment tech is meant to make recruiter’s jobs easier, not take them entirely. 

PandoLogic’s recruitment toolbox can free up your recruitment team to take on necessary human tasks while fitting squarely within your budget. We have everything you might need to automate and modernize your hiring plan—from automatic job placement, resume screening, Wendy the chatbot, and more.

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