2021 Artificial Intelligence Trends In Human Resources

2020 was an unexpected year. The biggest trend in HR, arguably, was transitioning to remote work. For many teams, that meant looking at ways to use new, modern technology—like artificial intelligence—effectively. As we’ve started to return to certain levels of normalcy, there is more for HR teams to think about than just remote work, but using modern technology is here to stay. Keep reading to learn about three artificial intelligence trends in human resources.

Trend 1: Programmatic Job Ad Placement

Perhaps the most powerful way that human resources teams can effectively use artificial intelligence to reach their hiring goals is by using programmatic technology to place job ads—and that’s why this tactic is at the top of our trends list. 

Platforms, like PandoLogic’s pandoIQ, are able to increase the number of qualified candidates you interact with during the hiring process while decreasing the time it takes to find and hire them. And all of this is done automatically with artificial intelligence. pandoIQ uses proprietary algorithms to analyze over a decade’s worth of data points to figure out what is the best online job ad board for your ad, when to place it, and for how long. It will also monitor job ad performance and can make decisions in real-time—such as reallocating budget from a top-performing job ad to a lesser performing one—so that your campaign remains as cost and time-efficient as possible.

Trend 2: Robust Analytics

While having data is important, numbers are only as useful as one’s ability to interpret them. That’s why more people are turning toward AI-enabled recruiting solutions that can not only deliver the numbers but can also interpret them to make decisions. For example, pandoIQ gives recruiters a dashboard with robust analytics—and can also use those same analytics to dynamically allocate budget in real-time. 

Additionally, the longer you use AI software, the smarter it gets. Combining powerful analytics with programmatic capabilities means that your job ad campaigns will only grow more and more efficiently as you run them.

Trend 3: AI-enabled Chat

When building out and maintaining a talent pipeline, engagement is key. When you reach out to a candidate can be more important than how—if you wait too long, the candidate may no longer be interested. That’s why recruiting teams strapped for resources are more and more frequently using AI-enabled chat tools to begin initial outreach to candidates.

Conversational AI can radically improve candidate engagement and experience. Wade & Wendy, the AI-driven conversational tool recently acquired by PandoLogic, does so by being available to chat with talent 24/7, allowing candidates to share their stories and go beyond their resumes with relevant insights about their experience for the specific role. AI-powered software can also automatically schedule interviews with qualified candidates; this means candidates don’t have to wait around wondering when—or even if—they’ll hear back. Ultimately, artificial intelligence in human resources helps increase conversion rates while reducing the strain on recruiters by doing the first-level qualification screening. It’s a win-win.

Why You Should Use Artificial Intelligence In Human Resources

Using artificial intelligence in human resources is directly valuable, helping you manage both important tasks and menial to-dos throughout the entire hiring process. AI can increase ROI while decreasing cost per acquisition. It’s also important to note that AI can help HR teams indirectly. When recruiters don’t have to spend time on those menial to-dos—like the job ad placement that programmatic recruiting software handles—they can spend more time on big picture and strategic initiatives.

While all of these AI trends are powerful on their own, combining them is where you’ll see the most notable results for your team. That’s why when you’re trying to find the right artificial intelligence solution, you should look for an all-in-one platform—like PandoLogic.

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