5 Different Ways Companies Are Using AI In Recruiting

Not every company has the same hiring goals—and nor should they. But even when goals and challenges differ, one thing remains consistent: modern technology like AI can help. Keep reading to learn five different ways that companies use AI to reach their recruiting goals.

1. Increasing Applicant Volume

For some organizations, particularly larger companies or franchises, turnover is a major concern. Companies with seasonal needs and quick-service restaurants, such as Domino’s Pizza, need to be able to hire well and hire quickly, which likely means they’ll need a large pool of applicants. A franchisee is responsible for more than just franchise recruiting, and actively building out and maintaining a candidate pipeline can be difficult. So, they may turn to AI to help—as a regional branch of Domino’s did.

Through the use of PandoLogic, NRV Pizza was able to diversify recruitment sources with minimal effort, resulting in an increased number of applications. In this case, PandoLogic’s AI-enabled job advertising platform, pandoIQ, automated and optimized job ad visibility across relevant sites in their network. Overall, NRV Pizza saw a 472% increase in applicant volume—thanks to using AI. Learn more about Domino’s success story and other companies that use AI for recruitment. 

2. Increasing ROI

While the growing number of job boards can be good for applicants—giving them a variety of places to find a role—it can make things much more difficult for employers. The more places a team has to monitor, the higher the time spent and, often, the higher the cost. All these increases can lead to a crucial challenge: decreasing ROI. 

Cella, a creative-staffing agency, faced just that. As the competition for talent intensified and Cella strived to maintain the highest level of service to their clients, they found themselves at the mercy of the job site’s complex pricing strategies. As a result job ad spend increased significantly and became difficult to control. They turned to PandoLogic for an AI-driven solution that would allow them to better diversify their applicant sourcing strategies to manage their ad spend more effectively. 

Between programmatic job ad placement and dynamic budget allocation, Cella was able to achieve a 50% increase in ROI. That means they had a higher yield of applicants at the same monthly spend—and with no extra work.

3. Driving Higher Quality

It’s always the goal to get the most qualified person for the job. For some industries with highly specialized roles—like within the medical field—that can be more difficult. AI can be used to effectively drive higher-quality candidates. This is done by better and more accurate job ad targeting—which AI-driven platforms like PandoLogic can execute by analyzing billions of historical data points. Learn more about healthcare companies that use AI in recruiting.

4. Decreasing CPA

Increasing quality is tied hand-in-hand with decreasing cost per acquisition (CPA). We know you want to be efficient with your time and your money—the less you have to spend on acquiring a candidate, the better. When AI-enabled solutions are able to more accurately target candidates more quickly, you will see a direct decrease in your CPA. One top healthcare company was able to reduce their CPA by 57% using PandoLogic’s AI-driven platform.

5. Freeing Up Time

Companies that use AI in their recruiting don’t just see improved results in quantitative hiring metrics—they also see an increase in important qualitative areas, such as where their team is spending their time. With AI-powered recruiting, HR teams can spend less time on time-consuming to-dos, like job ad placement and postings, and more time on strategic projects or building out programs that will improve retention.

How You Can Start Using AI

There are more than five ways that AI can help you meet your hiring goals, especially when using an all-in-one solution like PandoLogic. From targeting applicants to background checks to interview scheduling, PandoLogic is here to help. 

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